Mu 65: Gameforces Magazine

by Massive Voodoo

Let's have another Material Unpacked, shall we?

Many of us miniature enthusiasts are reading articles online and look deep inside online magazines when it comes miniature news. This is nothing bad and definatly normal in the time of the internet. Yet sometimes all this internet information flow can be too much and it feels good to read something that you can actually hold in your hand and feel it.

Since a long time there is a great printed magazine called "Game Forces" from Spain and it is always a great pleasure looking into their issues.

Their Issues come in spanish printed version but they offer english texts on additional extra pages too. The print is high quality and the articles in the magazine are done by well known artists of the industry.

Since years Massive Voodoo is always taking issues of this magazine to their painting classes for inspiration and in the MV studio you will always find some issues ready for browsing.

Let's have a glimpse inside some of the issues and a little preview on their content.
You find really cool Step by Step articles to different topics and projects in it for example:

Also deeper explanations on award winning projects, heavily converted:

Famous sculptors and painters from all over the world are interviewed and showcase their work:

It is really worth a look and you can not only find the printed versions on sale but also  - as time demands - a downloadable version of every issue.

Well, worth a look!
Enjoy your read!


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