The 2023 Massive Voodoo ORCtober is over

by David

Hey all,

It's November - and with the days getting shorter, wetter and more grey, it also is time to take a look back at the best month of the year: ORCtober! A few weeks ago, we invited you to participate in a small community activity: paint an orc-related mini and send two pictures of that project our way. And, what can we say: YOU DID! We received pictorial documentation of a total of 27 amazingly orcish projects, which you will be seeing in all their (mostly green-skinned) glory below.

However, before we let the orcish madness loose upon you, there is one last bit of housekeeping to take care of: As part of our community project, we promised to raffle a few small goodies among the participants of the 2023 MVOrctober. And here at the MV Jungle Headquarters we tend to keep our promises! So here is the loot we're giving away - together with the lucky winners of the little MVOrctober-lottery:

Loot and the Lucky Looters

Bust by Ouroboros Miniatures (sponsored by Hansrainer)
Winner: minimatt_87
Set of AK spaceship colors (sponsored by Hansrainer):
Winner: Nick Schweitzer
Artprint of our Orc Mascot (sponsored by Roman)
Winner: Christoph Link
Bust by Vertigo Miniatures (sponsored by Sebastian)
Winner: Marcus Neumann
Figure by Scale 75 (sponsored by Sebastian)
Winner: Bram
A painted version of Momo's Orc Granny (sponsored by Andy)
Winner: Fabian Lanthaler
A little set of assorted goodies (sponsored by Petra)
Winner: Morten Albertsen

We will get in touch with the winners to ask for your addresses through the email accounts with which you sent the pics. So, check your mailboxes! But now, without any further ado, let's take a look at the 2023 MVOrctober contributions!


The 2023 MVOrctober Gallery

Angelo Zaccarin

Aragorn Weinberger 

Bodo Filter 


Christoph Link 

Erick Villareal 

Ervin Havic 

Fabian Lanthaler 

Florian Berger 

Florian Kowalski 

Janos Rais 

Juan Pereña 

Katrin Maronn 

Kris Chung 

Marcus Neumann 

Mario Schmidt 

Michael Kube 


Miriam Kleijn 

Morten Albertsen 

Nick Schweitzer 

Richard Newing 

Sven Blocksdorf 

Thomas Heise 

Thomas Kube 

Thomas "Redpanda" 

Thore Vaas


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