2023 Massive Voodoo ORCtober - Orc Grandma

by momogojira

Hey everyone and welcome to this year's Massive Voodoo Orctober Challenge! If you missed the announcement last month, I’m Momo, a digital sculptor and new member of the jungle family!

I’m super excited to be part of the crew and as a little initiation treat, I brought you all something! For this year’s Orctober, I prepared a special orc figure! I hope you are all sick of big boobed beasts and axe swinging monsters, because this one will be a bit different. 


I’m a big fan of miniatures that are expressive, evoke a certain emotion and are different from the classic tabletop minis you see all the time. Lucas Pina and Daniele Found for example are brilliant at doing exactly that. Orcs are cool, but have you ever seen a miniature orc that is not wielding his weapon, looking grim, ready for battle? Don't they have anything else to do all day? I bet they do! And what happens when they retire from all that skull smashing, eyeball stabbing and blood bathing? Maybe, just maybe, they sit in a cozy chair, knitting away with their pet kitten snoozing behind them. And all the war worries are far away...

This was the idea for my ‘Orc Grandma’. Not that battling, angry orcs aren’t great! But once in a while a little change of scenery is a nice refresher. So if you’re looking to change it up a bit and you’re ready for a cozy fall painting session, this might be just the Orctober project for you!

HOW TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE So how can you join the #MVorctober challenge 2023? Just follow these steps:

  1. Paint ANY ORC miniature

  2. Send TWO PHOTOS of your finished project to david@massivevoodoo.com

  3. We will announce the winner of our RAFFLE in November

Easy-peasy! You don’t have to paint my orc grandma to enter the challenge, any orc will do! We will raffle the winner among all entries, it’s not a contest! Anyone can join, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it doesn’t matter. We want to encourage you to paint for the joy of painting’s sake (and of course for a chance to win a little prize ;) )

Feel free to tag us in your Instagram posts under the hashtag
#MVorctober! We would love to see all your creative entries! Have fun painting!!


We are raffling a little loot package among all entries, including an original art print from Roman Lappat! The other items will be a surprise! But I can say this much: It’s gonna be a collection of awesome trinkets and goodies, so it’s definitely worth taking part!


If you would like to get your own orc granny, you can download it from my MyMiniFactory page. The figure is already pre-supported, but an unsupported version is also included! It’s test printed on an Anycubic Photon Mono 4k, with standard resin. I also included the settings I used on my printer in the download, so you can use them if you’d like.

Thank you for reading and happy Orctober painting!! Don’t forget to tag us in your orcish Instagram posts @massivevoodoo and use the hashtag #MVorctober! :)


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