FIN: Connor

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

I realized I really need to catch up with some long overdo posts here on the blog.
Time goes so fast these last couple of months and I have been very busy with many, many things.

Roman NEWS:
I decided to seperate my work "" even more from this beloved Massive Voodoo blog. The MV blog should be a place for the MV-Team and not a mixture of my work and the Team's work.
Therefor, I will write all future posts about Workshop and Coaching Reviews via an area of my homepage

Also older ones will move there in a good overview of reviews. The organisational aspects for all my workshops will also move there. At the moment I am reconstructing, updating and doing a big overhaul on the page to get all this ready for 2024. Besides that I am also launching a Patreon soon (November 1st 2023) where you will have chance to support me as an artist in the form of a classical patronage.

I will do only my own hobby posts here and speak about miniatures that I have painted and just become a normal part of the MV-Team, not a main focus for this blog. All I can say is that it is lovely to see the Team so active lately.

More about this all soon!

Here is my version of Connor!
A great bust sculpted by Ivan Mata.
Guess what? Can you see the small scars? They are made from my beard hair and matte varnish, then painted. Yak! This bust is sold and in private collection.

More photos via:

Keep on happy painting!


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