Review: Private Coaching with Thomas

by Roman aka jar


"Man, this coaching was nessessary. After 15 years in the hobby I already learned a lot of things (and probably forgot the half as well) but after all this time I felt stuck in my painting process and in the hardened structures that said me how I have to paint. I didn't felt joy in the way I paint anymore. So I reached out to Roman because my hobby batteries were simply exhausted.

In these 2 days, Roman showed me quite a number of new impressions and really helped me to get out of my box, showed me how to succesfully paint atmosphere and understand colours better. Combined with some fresh approaches about blending really nailed it for me. So now I'm ready for new challenges. 

Above all: Roman is a very pleasant painting companion and I always enjoy the time I can learn from and paint with him."

- Thomas

Thank you for visiting me
for your two days of private coaching,

It has been some relaxed two days with tons to learn and new click moments for my student, but it was great to see your painting skills and understanding of painting grow. The knowledge on how to apply atmosphere into your paintjobs from now on makes me really look forward to what you will come up with it.

I told you there is a difference.
A difference in applying color to a miniature to painting a miniature. Now you got the tools, the eye and the approach to create your worlds in new environment and light. I am very much looking forward to this!

Thank you for your will to learn from me and the nice and good time shared!
Keep on happy painting!



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