MU 109, Big Guardain not Big Daddy and little sister, NomNom Figures, 3D-Print Service: Hero Gravity Shop

by Sebastian

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Sebastian here with another Miniatures Unpacked for you!

Today I show you the Big Guardian. It's a fanmade production by NomNom Figures. Most will already have recognized which video game this character is based on. Bioshock, but all in chibi style. It´s not big daddy and little sister.



The printing service I trust is this time on Hero Gravity shop, which is represented on Etsy, but meanwhile also runs its own shop with a 20% welcome discount (only on Homepage). The shop is based in Germany and behind it is a team that has set itself the task of delivering the highest possible quality. By painters, for painters.

The figure was packaged very well and multiple times and nothing was broken. Everything was individually wrapped in bags. The overview of whether everything is available went quite quickly

The first impression looks very good. All supports have been cleanly removed. The figure has been properly post-cured. The typical support holes are almost non-existent and the ones that are there are placed in such a way that they disappear during assembly. When I asked, I was told that they put the supports themselves and as thin as possible. You can see that and I wanted to mention it here. The resin used is a secret mix, but it does contain some flexresin.

The parts fit together perfectly and have held up well. No patafix was necessary. The accuracy of fit is so great that you don't have to close any gaps after gluing. Just glue, prime and paint.

Here is another example of the degree of sharpness of the print. Nothing is warped or torn.

Hero Gravity isn't over-promising here when they said they want to deliver the highest quality possible. In any case, this statement applies here. It was definitely not the last time I'll order from there.

Facit: An incredibly beautifully sculpted figure by NomNom, with an even more incredible 3D print by Hero Gravity Shop. What a very nice experience and recommended in every area! 


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