Review: Private Coaching with Sebastian

by Roman aka jar


Good Morning Jungle,

here comes another review of a two day private coaching from earlier this year.
Sebastian, friend, long time student and MV member visited me once again for a private lesson.
He wanted to explore the theme or style "grimdark" in depth with me.

"Thank you again for the two days. I had a lot of fun"

- Sebastian

For the preparation for the coaching I had to dig deep into the topic myself as - so far - grimdark was not yet a style for me. For me, somehow it was a result in painting that fits well to a dark and dirty look on a miniature. Weathering, beaten up armours and more painted shadow, less, but extremely focues light. I was searching a lot on Instagram, found a lot and some really cool looking grimdark miniatures and some just dirty ones. My goal in teaching this specific topic was to explain Sebastian who is already quite the far advanced painter himself some really important guiding directions how to paint his projects more grimdark, but still not losing his knowldege about light and shadow placement and the overall quality of the paintjob: progrimdark you can say!

We had a lot of fun!

Thank you for your continous support and your will to learn from me, Sebastian.

Keep on happy painting!


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