MU 108 - Gargoyle 1 not Goliath, Prey Collections, 3DPrint Service: HonourGuard

by Sebastian


Review Time #108,
Sebastian here with another Miniatures Unpacked for you!

The miniature is a fan made production by Prey Collection and is based on the comic series "Gargoyles" that was broadcast on TV from 1993 - 1997.

The special feature here is that it is not a finished cast miniature, but a 3D printed figure. The 3D print service I trust fell on HonorGuard. Also because he uses the M70 Resin from Resione. This is characterized by an even better level of detail and sharpness.You have the choice between 35mm, 54mm and 75mm. The figure shown here is 75mm.


The gargoyle came in two smaller boxes filled with foam. The figure survived the shipping very well and nothing is broken. 

 The first assessment of the individual parts was very good, almost perfect. No support leftovers, everything was printed cleanly and almost no holes from the supports. Those that are available do not interfere with assembly or painting.



The second surprise followed during the fitting test. The figure fit together perfectly on the first try and held up without patafix and co. What more do you want?! 



Take a look on the details!


...and here is an example of the sharpness.


All in all a very nicely printed figure that convinces with its level of detail, sharpness and accuracy of fit. Just stick together and get started. I can only recommend it!


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