Tutorial: Tips & Tricks on tiny Astronauts for the MV Challenge

by Roman aka jar

Hey everyone,
by now I guess you all have heard about this years massive MV Challenge 2020?
If not, check this link for all information about our challenge of your creativity:

I really fell in love with the little astronauts from the #massivevoodoochallenge2020 and the creative flow they sparkle in my brain. With the first amazing entries already dropping into my mail I can not hold back what my mind creates and the joy and possibilities I see with these little astronauts, sculpted by @momogojira, distributed via @mrleesminis ... Please read the following disclaimer:

I was thinking for a long time if I should show them. Please know: As a judge of the challenge I am not taking part in the competition. Furthermore I do not want to discourage anyone working on his entries or steal any ideas. When you are working on yours and my ideas are similar to yours, please do not worry and continue with joy. This will not influance my judging work together with @josualai.miniatures . I show them to promote the challenge and the beauty of its creative powers even more!

Of course with creating these I found out about some tips and tricks that might help and inspire everyone who takes part in the competition. Here are some:

1. Do not lose arms!
Well, happened to me several times as they are supertiny. If one arm is missing, you have to be creative on your future astronauts.

2. You are allowed to do not like the feet
Man, I do hate it. The feet are so tiny and thin and as soon as I start to cut the model of the sprue they break regularly. I decided to not let anger take over, but let this be a lesson for creativity. What I do? I do glue them back or even change feet position to create different poses.

3. Need a different pose with the arms?
Well, cut them of at the shoulder in the right angle you need. No one will see that you changed the arm length a tiny bit and a different angle of the arms can make a complete new pose.

4. Holding them while painting?
Well, I usually drill a small hole on the lower part of his backpack. A tiny one. Then I use a toothpick with a tiny drop of superglue and put the astronaut on it. Now I can hold and handle it while painting.

5. Allow yourself to convert them!
Well, I just found out - as I was missing an arm - that 1:72 soldier equipment, legs and arms can be put to excellent use to the tiny space travellers. Again, endless possibilites ahead of your creativity!

6. Add cool astronaut utilities!
An antenna, ballons or others from your bitzbox, check MV's tutorial section for more inspiration, here are just some links:

Oli explains how you can do some great mini books.

Old frozen ladder on an old frozen Sentinel.

This guide shows you how you can add belts to your models.

Sculpting Balloons
Want to add balloons to your projects?

Fine needles used to add special effects to your model.

Much more can be found here!

7. Finish old projects you never thought you finsih!
That is what I encountered. Every project can be finished with telling a story of a small travelling astronaut.

8. Create several entries!
Do not think any entry is unworthy. All of them are worthy to be in the challenge's gallery!

9. Think out of the box
Not every astronaut needs to travel space, some could be elsewhere. They do not have to be human at all. Play with different scales!

Now we wish you tons of fun!
Soon there will be an update on the Challenge. Some more random prize pool additions, the judging panel grows bigger in numbers with the MV Team and a counter of recieved entries will be added!

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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