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by Sebastian

Hello, Sebastian here,
today I want to show you my version for Magnus the red. It was part of a GW Store opening competition in Schweifurt. The time was almost a little jerky for me, but it was still a lot of fun to paint it.

Pure painting time approx: 

And here it starts... 

First the mold lines were removed and everything except the wings was glued together. The base also got a mix of earth, stones and the dreadnough arm that came with it. The whole was then primed in the 2k method.

I ended up choosing a different red. It's probably a mix of a little red, with magenta and purple. The color was applied with a large brush and then with wet in wet the breast was first drawn into the light with pure magenta and then with lightened magenta. I wanted it to be a little darker on the arms and I quickly mixed in purple here. The same thing on the legs.

Looks pretty good, but it wasn't enough power to my chest. Pure white was sprayed on the chest with the airbrush. On the occasion also the inside of his hand.

Then work on the breast with a glaze of the lightened magenta

Sprayed turquoise on the palms of the hands and the weapon.

So far I am satisfied. Now it can start on the face. Light and shadow were set and the surface of the skin was shown in a few places. Since I decided on the Cyclops variant, the eye went quite quickly.
Check here

I wanted to keep the claws very simple so that they did not draw the focus to themselves.

It went on with the wings. The procedure is the same as for the skin, only the colors are reversed. Significantly more purple and a little magenta. The whole thing was also applied wet in wet.

First test. I think turquoise is still missing

Second set test. Much better

Edge highlights set and found that something is still missing

The runes on the wings first sprayed with white, then turquoise and then again with white. Got a white spray also the palm of the hand.

Pre-lighten the loincloth for coloring

With diluted ink in different colors, was applied thinly in several steps

Finally, set a few edge highlights and painted the hair with turquoise

 All metal parts were given a black primer again.

Then it started with the Gold NMM. That was a lot of space to paint....

Lighten the feathers with white. I also tried a feather pattern here. Then colored again with ink

A bounce light in turquoise was applied to the horns at the top and a light one in magenta at the bottom

Magnus is done so far. Now it was the turn of the base. the dreadnough arm was painted in the colors of the space wolves. An OSL was applied to the left side. The floor was deliberately kept understated. So is the column fragment.

et voila .....
 Magnus the red, Master of Prosperos, Cyclops son of the Emperor's, Primarch of the Thousand Sons


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