Review: IronSkull 2020

by Donnerknall

IronSkull 2020
(29.Feb. 2020)
Sebastian here,
I had the pleasure to write a review about IronSkull.

The event was hosted in London, Uk.

On February 29th the doors for the event opened for the first time.
It was exciting to see what was going to happen and was not disappointed. Several traders brought their goods to the people. Angel Giraldez gave a demonstration in another corner.

However, the most interesting was the showcases with the models. And there was a lot going on here. Everyone wants to see the minis. Understandable, because the level of the figures was very high. Let's take a look

Here is a Video

A big thank you to Siege Studios and everyone else for this great event.
The date for next year is already set.
27th February 2021
You can find more event reviews like this via 

I'm looking forward to 2021 when the doors open again.  

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