SBS: Chaos Ogre

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

time for a step by step. It's been a while since the jungle recieved some regular article love. 2018 is definetely slower than prior years, but I am happy to tell that there is still tons of material to be written for our readers. Therefor I want to start off with this bust I did in 2017.

I am looking forward to give you insight into the conversion- and paintwork on this bust I sculpted myself a while back. Casts are available via

If you are interested in the sculpting work, you can find a full step by step in your jungle tutorial library:

Here on Massive Voodoo we like to share ideas, thoughts and painting processes and it is not to wonder that we are able to present you another step by step article. I am catching up with some figures I painted back in 2017 and prepared articles for. Always remember Massive Voodoo is offering these for free and they do take time and effort to land in
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To make the conversion work understandable
I am in need to show you the original bust, in this example beautifully painted by Kirill Kanaev:

My vision was to create an Ogre of Chaos.
Chaos for me means based on the background of old Warhammer Fantasy.
An Ogre that strives through the waste chaos badlands, maybe following a warband or even leading one. Praising the dark gods and recieving their gratitude and gifts. Gifts of change in his looks, powers and personality.

I used several things to create the conversion:

  • Superglue and accelerator for some slimy bubbles under his skin
  • Baked BeesPutty parts that I cut in smaller pieces to use as chaos infections 
  • A plastic horn I found in my bitz box
The putty parts were glued to the resin cast with just superglue...

... while the ugly bubbles were just superglue dots quickly dried with the use of accelerator.

It was hard to understand the conversion work without color.
I gave it a quick sketch of the basic colors and to seperate parts. Shaky and blurry photo incoming as I did this during the NOVA Open 2017 for explanation purpose.

Here is another one with some more reddish glazes to the skin.

In this stage I am still sketching in. Texture to the leather, really roughly, highlights to the dark chaos stone parts, increasing shadows in the deepest areas that are not hit by zenital light.

If you look close on my thumb you can see the colors I used.

The Chaos Ogre skin felt still a little bit to warm in its tones, so I used the airbrush to tint him more blueish and colder. This helped me pull everything together. Basic placement of the eyes was also done in this stage.

With the basic work done and all colors placed the idea and vision was sketched in. Next step was creating more contrast and definition to the skin areas. Highlighting the volumes and shapes under terms of zenital light the Ogre recieved much more detail.

I took my time to understand each single and small volume in itself. Painted the eyes and his look to create the character and took time to paint single cracks and wrinkles. In between I took red, orange and magenta glazes to create the infectous look on the "chaos" parts.

I added more warmth to the upper face by using glazes of yellow and orange to the already highlighted parts. Again this did pull everything together once more. More Magenta was placed to cracks and chaos infection parts.

In this stage I did paint cracks and angles that were not there. You can call this micro detailing. Creating details with your paintwork, not only relying on the sculpt. This is time consuming. Do not believe you can do such things fast, but in the end it is often worth the effort.

Each minute spent in this stage is worth it.

Increasing shadows in minimal areas, doing the same with highlights.

It is always a joy to work on a figure that was sculpted by yourself
and this conversion was no different. In the end I created more saturation on several parts (chaos infections) with glazes of the specific color. Increased cold highlights here and there, before I did put him in the photo box to make final photos.

The conversion work on this one was a bold approach, with quick techniques and rough results. I allowed this during the conversion work as I knew I can pull it off with paint. I was even happy about several small "issues" that were born via the rough approach and application.

For the final version I did spent some time tweaking in details, like thin venes.

I hope you like him ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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