Review: Private Coaching with Ole II

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

time for another review.
This never ends. So much to catch up with, positive things in 2018 :)

Ole from Norway visited me for his second private coaching.
His first one was all about understanding atmospheric paint work and Ole did some big steps forward in this subject.

This time we focused mainly on understanding textures.
How you can analyze their nature, their setup and how you can copy nature to a smaller scale. Therefor I prepared intense theory content for Ole to recieve maximum insight in my brain when I paint texture.

While the studio was quite hot, we enjoyed painting hours, great talks about life and laughter :)

Ole's black and white sketch after several hours of theory.
A preperation that soon will be tinted in colors. A beautiful grisalle sketch, aiming on the subject of textures.

The man itself. A northern, calm giant that is super relaxed while he paints.

"Thank you so much once again for being a great teacher and a wonderful host, Roman! Once again I have come home with more tools in my painting bag, and I have since started to work out how to use them best.

I WILL keep on happy painting. :)"            
- Ole

Yeah, this guy ... Ole to the right :)

The two day private coaching was intense.
As it was just the second time me teaching this content. I was already well prepared as after Ole's visit I thaught a 1,5 day seminar with several students about the same subject. Just in a larger group. A review on this will follow soon :)

What can I say as a teacher with such a result?

Well I am superproud of Ole. I am superhappy that the knowledge of what we did in our first coaching in 2017 took hold and helped us to get such a result in his second coaching session.

Ole's result
of the two day private coaching

Thank you for your trust in my teaching skills and your ongoing support, Ole.
I am happy to teach and help you on your own painters journey. It is beautiful to see you walk your path!

Keep on happy painting!


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