Mu #102: Juweela, Tabletop Basing Set

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

time for a Mu :)
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This time we see #102 dropping in the jungle and it is about basing.

We all know Juweela for their great bricks and terrain stuff they provide:


Juweela recently decided to bring out a
"Tabletop Basing Set"
for all your gamers out there.
A cool mix of basing material with whom you can create nice gaming bases full of variety. How can I say this so convinced? Well, they asked me to create the box art examples and so I did.

Let's have a look on what this set provides:

 A wide variety, but mainly focusing on post-apocalyptic, modern or temple themes.

This is what I created and I still got plenty of stuff left:

I really enjoyed creating these gaming bases to show possibilities and available variations.

I can tell it was a lot of fun working with this set.
I believe that you can easily find the same joy with it and come up with even more variety in your bases. Give it a try and check back with your provider of Juweela products. They do not sell on their own site, but do have a lot of resellers. You can get this set for example at PK-Pro.

Keep on happy basing!

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