FM: New Skin

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

= Finished Miniatures


The first time I saw a photo of this sculpt
 by Ouroboros Miniatures via their first Kickstarter I was in love. Such an amazing, story-telling sculpture.

I contacted Tim and told him how great this bust is and that I will paint my copy with raw emotions as earlier this year I had similar emotional things in my life going on that made me understand what this character is doing. I also decided to write up a big step by step on my work for backers of the Kickstarter via a PDF file.

It took me longer than expected first and I want to excuse myself to everyone who is so patient with me in 2018. It's been an interesting, but also rough year for me so far. Thank you!

I am working on finishing the PDF in the next two weeks and I can tell it is huge :)

At least we area all used to be patient once in a while, as we love miniature painting and what is there to accomplish if you lack patience :) - Again. Thank you!

I do hope you like the project.
It was truely challenging to bring down my personal emotions and to do the sculpt justice with my vision. I am really happy with the result.

I decided to paint white for her "new skin" as I was inspired by the great TV Show " Westworld".

More information on how I tackled the project from the start to the end can be found in the upcoming PDF via Ouroboros Miniatures 

You can also find her on Putty&Paint:

This bust is in private collection.
Thanks a lot for the support in my work, art and passion.

So far, I am looking forward to make the jungle bounce a bit more soon.
Keep on happy painting!



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