by Roman aka jar


it has been some time.
Some time since the jungle rolled like it used to roll.

I, for my part had reasons for this. 
Moments of truth. I had to slow down life to understand some things in my private life. I slowed down on Massive Voodoo. In the meantime things in life changed and I am in the middle to progress and heal. Love and life can be a mysterious thing and sometimes you need hard lessons to learn something. I did.

Best thing I did this year was quitting to travel for painting seminars. I was so burned out and now I am realizing how my heart arrives in my hometown, Augsburg. Unbelievable beautiful. So, you won't see me travel for happy painting lessons in 2018, but you are always welcome to visit one of my seminars in Augsburg, Germany or even contact me for private lessons.

I do not want to say much more on this subject as there are always three sides of a story and so on. All I can say is that the massive jungle of miniature love is back on track and there is tons to do and create with you, our readers. Are you still there?

We got plenty to tell from the past months.
Tons of reviews of Roman teaching seminars and private coachings with great students, tutorials, tip of the weeks, musica and finished miniatures. Even event reports like a small review of the Duke of Bavaria 2018, a big update on the MV Zombie Community project and a private coaching in the MV studio with Kirill Kanaev.

More to come in the next days!
Stay tuned!



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