MV Team: Andreas

by Androsch

Hello Happy Painters!

My name is Andi and I feel very excited to be a part of the jungle from now on! :)

I live in Graz, Austria
and have been painting, converting and recently also sculpting miniatures since 2006 (not counting dipping Warhammer figures in my youth). My miniaturepainting journey got a boost in 2009, when I first met Roman at his very first Beginner Class which was held in my hometown. Eversince then it has been a wonderful hobby and parttime-job for me to paint and create.

My workshop miniature from 2009 (no demonettes back then ;))

I visited many workshops and shows from then on,
but Massivoodoo and especially Roman have always been my main source of inspiration and learning. The miniature painting community has been such a great thing, adding so much fun and good friends to my life. Maybe you have seen those guys with strange accent and orange clothing at some events, which call themselves the "Pumpkinpainters". I'm very happy to be a part of them and hope they will still like me, even if I also join Massivevoodoo now. ;)

There's always been a strong connection between MV and Graz

Some of my work:

Conversion of Raffa's Knucklehead bust

The weddingcake figures for my good friends Sandra & Kurt (the water dried later ;)). Sculpted an painted.
Roman Cavallry officer
In my other life, I'm a freelancing webdesigner and -developer.
My decision to work in a creative business was largely influenced by my painting hobby, after beeing unhappy with just beeing a programmer. As far as hobbies are concerned, I also like playing tennis, football and golf, although I might not be in my greatest shape right now. ^^

Lately, I'am trying to improve at painting atmosphere (check out Romans Advanced Workshop) in my projects. Well, I try...

A pirate conversion of Hayden from the workshop

My future goal is to create more storytelling pieces and get away a bit from "just painting pretty miniatures", by improving my way to communicate and express myself through colors. Furthermore, I will be helping Roman with his Beginner Classes as a workshop trainee in the near future. :)

At last, I'm very happy to say the following words without having to care about plagiarism...

Keep on happy painting! ;)


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