Review: Private Coaching with Markus

by Roman aka jar

"I went to Roman to learn a bit more about painting skin tone, female skin tone in particular, and eyes.  But I left with a so increadible toolbox and an understanding on how the surroundings, the enviroment and lightning affect all the colors we apply to our miniatures. I had several "aha-moments" and in the end I started to answer my own questions as they appeared during painting. Roman is a so relaxed teacher and coach and so good at teaching what many others miss: the whys. These are, in my opinion, a bit more important to understand and master than the how techniques. 

And maybe the most important leasson was - the joy of painting."

I had such a great time with Markus.
So impressed by the great gift of my students from Sweden: The Poo-nettes.

As a teacher I mainly enjoy the moment of "click"
that I am trying to tickle with my teaching schedule. If you see them happen as a teacher it is the greatest gift. Seeing other humans happy is the greatest joy and I am happy that I can throw my happy painting at them ...

Markus indeed learnt a big deal about happy painting and how to tackle a project with a self-created vision. It was a true joy to welcome you, Markus. Even it was back in 2017 and time runs so fast and so much happened that this comes to the jungle quite late now.

Keep on happy painting!



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