Tutorial: Breakfast porridge from the jungle!

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

this is me kickin' it out of the kitchen and you are about to smell what the Kong is cooking :D

Well, the last couple of months
 I decided to change some life habits drasticly to live more healthy. Not all of my goals are in reach, but you got to start somewhere and just continue on your path. Just like a good happy painting journey. What I learned is that you can only benefit from it and usually it is only excuses that keep you from changing habits. For example: "I can not take time for a longer breakfast as I got too much stress in the morning!" ... well, you can get up earlier though, eh. One thing is for sure, you gotta make time for a change.

I really enjoyed this inspirational video some months ago and it made me change some things to the better:

I mainly enjoy my morning rituals

as they lead to such results, something beautiful and on the same time healthy:

For me it is a little bit like building a beautiful base
for a figure. A little stone over here, golden ratio applied there and a feeling for harmony all over the place. I aim for this while basing and do for breakfast porridge I've learnt :)

So this is a small step by step
as some people asked me on a recipe or something similar. Well, it is not that hard, if even I can do it with my basic kitchen skills. It is mainly about love for yourself, passion and patience. This one is also dedicated to my friend Alfonso who wants to learn more about my ways of breakfast (brkfst) ;)

Breakfast porridge

Put the porridge in a bowl. Add hot water or oat drink to it. Usually room tempreatured oat drink, but you can also heat that one up in a pot if you like it hot.

The porridge will suck a lot of water and needs about 10-13,5 minutes to be fully ready. I got no idea about the exact timing, just a feeling. Check back in this time if you need to put more water to it to keep it liquid. Have your hot water ready!

In the meantime you can pick ingredients:

  • nuts
  • dried berries
  • kakao nibs
  • sunflower seeds
  • dried fruits

Just pick what you like on this day to keep the variety and stay creative. I recommend not taking all of them, just some that call you this morning. Mix and change everyday.

Next would be fruits:

You can use them fresh or even make them tasty by taking a pan and some cocos oil to heat them up for about 1-1,5 minutes. Not more or you'll lose the fruits benefits and vitamines. With a quick cocos oil heat they taste even like a little candy as a topper.

You can even start to grow your own fruits,
even when you live in a town and do not own a garden. If you got a garden do not hesitate and if you live in a flat start slow and believe in your green thumb or work on it.

Porridge ready. Banana into it. Fork.

Smash. Smash. Smash. Carefully, creates banana porridge.
Can also be done with other soft fruits.

Getting things ready for the final stage:

For variations you can add a little sweetness and use honey or cinnamon or anything else you can imagine.

For variations: You can even dig a core for it into your porridge:

Bomb set in the core.

When the core is closed. Start placing your fruits, nuts and everything. Try to make it good looking and put some love in it. A process of creation that you can enjoy I am sure:

About 15 minutes of preparation needed for this one. A breakfast that keeps you from being hungry until the early afternoon. Power for the rest of the day.

This is not meant to be a perfect recipe, just a little something shared from my new learned hobby. There are many things to learn still and many creations to be explored. A journey I am very much looking forward too.

What you think?
Does it look tasty?

Keep on healthy and happy painting!

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