We walked the line ... of composition :)

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday morning jungle,

During the last weekend in Augsburg,
there has been a weekend workshop about basing in english language,
one of many more to come (not only about basing).
Check the workshop roadmap for upcoming seminars.

I held my advanced seminar about basing with some great students. 
You can call this a review preview :)

There will be a review on the full weekend sooner or later in the jungle. Things just run with a different pace at the moment. Many updates incoming, but with a healthy pace. Stay tuned for it and thanks for your patience all over the place!

Here are some photos and music
- I am such a proud teacher :)

Be you angels? Ney, we are but men!

Happy basing results with some certain composition rules and tiny details!

Kyle's (repeater of the class)


(thanks for the help, Hon! You will see why when it is finished)


This was a heart rocking weekend
with some cool amigos, great music, testosterone-karaoke, too much food, basing!
Thank you, Richard, Matthias, Kyle, Tobias, Peter and all special guests that appeared!

Keep on happy basing and safe travels home, gentlemen!

Check the workshop roadmap for upcoming seminars.
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