SBS: Soul Hunter

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday morning Jungle,

time for a quick step by step, a walkthrough on one of my projects.
It is not an in depth article, it rather shows you inspiration and decisions.
Not color recipes.

And no,
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This article will cover my paintjob on the Soulhunter by Terrible Kids Stuff,
concept by Karl Kopinski, sculpted by Joaquin Palacios.

A really cool model.
The dog of nightmare, the hunter himself,
both prepared on single plinths for the painting approach.

I did not have an initial plan
on where I want to go on this. More a vision.
I had emotions I was not able to put in words back then in 2017. I was able to do so recently in early 2018 while I wrote this over on Instagram:

"Seeing 2017 in retroperspective and looking back on the ''canvas' outcome I produced I do see why I painted the projects the way I painted them: this figure by Terrible Kids Stuff (limited run) and it was done as a comission for a client in China. I was absolutely free to do whatever like and the result was a vision from a nightmare. Thank you for the support, good Sir!A hunter for souls that approaches his prey, gets close to it, puts fear into is his prey, shakes up the 'normal', the well-known, disturbs the thing that is known and rips apart the souls he is hunting. Does he catch you? Can you run away? Or do you turn around to face him?"

So, a vision.
Let's call it like that. 

Back then I just picked dark blue as basecolors to play around. Dark blue for keeping it nightmarish.

Slapped some paint on the base that I have build.


I continued using the same blues on the figure. Absolutely rough. Patterns, just color in place and texture. Fun, joy, freedom.

Decided for the skintone to be a little brighter.
Prepared it with a brighter dark blue.

Well, great initial sketch, eh?
Well, most would say an absolute no to this, but this is just the way I paint. Sketching, catching a vision.

The basework, painted like a canvas.

time to work on top of this sketch. Applying basic colors I want for that particular or that particular area. You can call this stage two if you want to. A stage that gives a better view on my vision. To clear up things for my brain. No detail work yet.

More texture and light situation.

I do not know why I took this photo and actually I also do not know what is going on here. Let me rethink: Ah yes, I added black paint in some areas of the base. The lowest leveled ones. Black is dark, more darkness means more nightmarish look all over. On the hunt to get back control of this base :D

The texture game that evolved was really joyful.

In this stage I was happy to find all my colors
I wanted to have in place for the full picture/vision. I personally am not able to finish one area here or there without seeing and understanding how it is connected to sorrounding ones. So I let it all grow together. This gives me also the freedom to decide how much time I spent here and there, concerning important and less important details. With it I can control focal points. Personal Painting Freedom. PPF :D

After some more work on color variations, playing with gentle airbrush glazes for saturation and adding more contrast I did some photos in the photobooth now, not with the mobile camera. It is interesting to see the colors that I used and played with in these high res photos compared to the ones done with the mobile.

I went back and arrived gently at detail work.
Therefore I also had to check back with the base. I threw some more paint on it and even newspapers.

Newspaper Tutorial on Massive Voodoo
Newspaper Tutorial on Chestnut Ink

Poor doggy did not recive paint yet. So after some more steps on increasing the level of detail on the hunter by focusing on material contrasts, edge highlights and well, yeah, tiny details all over a miniature I had to go to the dog.

My recommendation is to check back with my thumb on my photos as you can see the colors I used.

Birds views.
Make sure you understand your project from every angle.

The paintjob on the dog made me connect more to the orange part on the hunter's chest. The evil magic, the roar of dark hunting that spreads from his chest. And I wanted to see that appear in the demonic dog and base too. So I did.

I really enjoyed how the project turned out in the end.
Not many I guess do understand the orange dots and things. I do and had to create them. No other explanation available :D

Cabinet's view

Time for final photos
- you can also find him on Putty&Paint:

This figure is now in private collection in China,
with a happy client. I hope you enjoyed the little walkthrough my process and always remember ...

Keep on happy painting!


You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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