Review: Jar's OSL Masterclass

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle monkeys,

time for a review on the first seminar that I was teaching this year in Augsburg, Germany.
My hometown, my beautiful Paradise City.
Many thanks to Peter who helped me organise this seminar. Without your help there would be so much chaos. It is weird, I know how much you like chaos and metal and beastman! Thank you my dear friend!

If you did not hear it yet: I will stick to Augsburg for the full year of teaching my seminars. I will not travel. I am in need to cure a travel-burnout to be able to enjoy holidays in the future. If you are interested in the upcoming teaching schedule for Augsburg and want to join a class to learn a big deal on miniature painting feel welcome to check back with the

More seminars for the follow up months are in preparation, but still need fine-tuning. Stay tuned and get informed behind the link above. You will not regret a visit to beautiful Augsburg, promised.

Now back to the subject ...

Review: Jar's OSL Masterclass
Teaching this seminar for the first time as a one day, eight hour class I was of course nervous. Even I so far thaught plenty of students on several occasions. It is always something refreshing and exciting to have a new teaching concept on a certain topic, when it comes to Miniature Painting.

I held this seminar as a test-run at last years NOVA OPEN in Washington, D.C.
and was astonished by my students's results. The class at Nova was shorter than the one I recently did as I always make new thoughts and improvements to my seminars :)

My students arrived on time as a full gang,

well not completly but everything happens for a reason, eh? As soon as we entered the venue - the old school were I used to learn on how to become a teacher - everybody was setting up and already brought some of their cool miniatures and cookies :)

I also brought some of mine of course.

The class started with a big theory block on Object Source light.
Thank you all for the great conversations, click moments and funny situations we enjoyed. Can you imagine what you can learn in eight hours if you only focus on OSL with good explanations and a fine curriculum in theory and practical exercises? Well, if not you got to join one of the future classes of this kind. Eight hours are a long time and if you focus on something in particular you will understand it properly.

Thanks to Sebastian and all the other students of this class who supported me with their photos of the class. I did not do many as I was quite busy with, well ... teaching:

... and answering really confusing questions here and there, but well I learned as a good teacher that there is no wrong question, just wrong answers, if you do not listen carefully.

Confusion Level risin'!

Well, just kidding.
Thanks for the fun times, ladies and gentleman. All questions were properly answered or have been discussed to a satisfying result. Then we started painting. There were two tasks for each student: First to understand the principles of OSL in a sketch and then going deeper to include that sketch in everyone's individual workflow.

First round.
Understanding the principles of OSL. You might see figures double time in here as I was so bombed with photos after the class. Thank you all!

And cookies for those who weren't on a diet :D

Well, good results for the first fun and a proud teacher in me raising his voice for some food and good talks. After lunch we came back for the second task.

Second stage of the class, was to integrate the OSL knowledge into a full paintjob. When do you include it and how? These questions were answered with my help and guidance. This was amazing to see how everyone's figures turned out for the short time we actually had for this. Amazing, ladies and gentleman.

One day, seven hours of seminar and everybody learned a big deal now.

Thank you all for a great day!
Pls ignore the cigarettes. Even they might create a tiny OSL at night, they are not good for your health!

See you for future classes. Got some great concepts upcoming! Thank you all for your support and trust in me as a teacher. Wish you all some happy painting time and never forget, learning never stops!


PS: Seminar Roadmap 2018!
PPS: Or are you interested in a one and one private coaching with me?


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