Good Morning, Jungle!

by Roman aka jar

Hey dear jungle dwellers,
just a quick note why the jungle is rather slow from my side these days.
I am going through some changes in private life right now and therefore energies are bound to these things. I can not help it. It is like it is. Do not worry, I am doing good. It is just that I am behind tasks such as organisational emails, shipping out the final charge of the MV challenge, answering messages all over the social places, prepping upcoming private coachings and weekend workshops and much more. I ask your pardon and patience as I see writing articles on MV not on the highest point on my priority list right now.

I am on it.
Push on, but mails and messages somehow do not get less :)
This does not mean I would like to stop throwing my thoughts and updates in the jungle, it is just getting irregular. I am off and do the things I need to do with ...

Find my personal music playlist that I am listening to while happy painting on youtube!

Keep on happy painting!


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