Tutorial: Creating your own brush cap

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

while Roman and Raffa sit in the plane to the states to be present at the NOVA Open 2015 you will still find some cool stuff to read on MV. The jungle breathes under the canopy and we prepared some posts for you in the coming days. Please be aware that Roman and Raffa are travelling. Please do not expect answers on your comments or such. These are up front prepared articles. Now enjoy!

Roman writes this little article for you - a small tutorial that can give you inspiration on how to secure your brushes.


While I prepared my competition emergency box for our trip I thought I could clean up my brush box. Well, it was a true mess on my table.


While cleaning and deciding what to put back in I did not find my brush cap for my favourite brush. A Windsor&Newton Serie 7 - 00. Well, this happens so often and I was tired of searching for it, but I saw these Q-Tips on my table that I use to clean the airbrush with.

The ocean of Q-Tips.

I took my blade, cut some pieces and found happiness.

My favourite brush was safe for the trip! Yeah! 
The others are ok too, but what really matters is my favourite brush.

This will not work on bigger sized brushes. With a Q-tip it just worked with this size, but I am sure you can be creative to find other solutions. Be inspired!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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