Mu 74 - Mawhi, Aradia Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

it is time once again for a miniatures unpacked on your Massive Voodoo Jungle.
This time we are heading to Italy to Aradia Miniatures and we will have a look on their brand new and fresh release, called "Mawhi". This review is written by Roman.

We already wrote one Mu about a miniature by Aradia Miniatures: The Toad King. 
Check it out here!

Let's start, shall we?
First of all, let's talk about the artists who worked to bring this real cool beast alive:

The miniature arrives in a plastic container, which keeps the miniature parts safe.
For the packing aspect the miniature recieves three of five Voodoo points. It is a functional package, but compared to those other crazy companies who make a contest in who got the most fancy boxes this is pretty casual. The miniature is safe and that is most important. Nice addition is the copy of the artwork drawing. Some people might ask for a promotional paintjob there, but that is just personal preference.

Opening up the box you find the main body, head and arms without further packing. You find three smaller parts in a plastic zipper bag.

Ok, now we'll have a closer look. I can say from my part that I already love the miniature. The sculpting work of Allan Carrasco is always a joy to look at and imagine paint on these great surfaces. Allan is well known for his monstrous creatures, but this one is a little different than usual. In cooperation with Aradia a really interesting concept was born:

It's a whale!

The main body.

Love the sculpting work on the hands and muscles.

Mawhi's smaller parts: a Tucan bird, an anchor and a shell with the Tucan's feet to be placed on the back of the whale colossus.

Look at these powerful arms. Drisch!!



While I turned around the model I was expecting a monstrous whale penis as Allan is famous for sculpting his models very authenticly. Well, I was surprised to find it all packed warm in some clothing.

The sculpt itself recieves five of five Voodoo points. Such a cool sculpt and a fresh concept with enourmous impact and great detail by Aradia Miniatures.

Looking on the cleaning work you might encounter when ordering one copy for yourself. On the arms you find some resin staves, which are actually not for pinning the arm to the models armpit. They just have to be removed and the areas has to be cleaned to fit well to the armpit.

You will also find very normal mould lines here and there. These are not bad, just the regular ones which can be cleaned easily with sandpaper or a sharp blade. All details are fine and the casting quality overall is superb.

The fitting quality of the parts - after removing and preparing the surfaces - is top notch.
On the following photo you can see a glimpse of the details. All these shells on the whales back and stuff. So cool!

The casting quality of the piece and the time you need to prepare it for painting is pointed out with four of five voodoo points.

Well, you know how it is with those great sculpts by Allan Carrasco. They caught your attention and after a moment you are realizing that you are building up a base and prepare them for painting, even you do not have the time to do so :D

I added some more shells parts to the back of the whale while I did some on the base. The base was build rather simple with a steering wheel and a chain I bought at the local hobby store, cork, Milliput and real shell pieces from the beach.

Before I primed the big "Mawhi" I had to fill gaps on the arm and neck. Tiny ones. We recomment the following articles to you "How to prepare a resin model", "Filling Gaps with Milliput" and "Working with Vallejo Putty 501".


What a beast, eh?

Well, last point. The price for the piece. It's at 55,00 € and we say this ain't cheap for a miniature, but in fact it is a fair price. Looking at the size of the model, the coolnes of the sculpt and concept and the overall quality. Definatly a fair price! Compared to other miniatures, full body or busts in that size it is truely fair. Five of five voodoo points.

PS: Colour is on. Early start WIP :D


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