Review: Nova Open 2015

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

Raffa and Roman returned home from their US trip and fighting their own little battles to get rid of the jetlag.

After spending a great time at the Nova Open 2015 in Washington D.C. both went for some days of holidays to New York City. Now it is time to unwrap all their impressions and get your jungle blog rollin' again.

Let's start with a review on the great event that was Nova Open 2015.
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The Nova Open is a big event focusing on Tabletop Tournaments, including many different games and tons of great gaming tables. Many gamers made their way to D.C. to be part of it and the athmosphere there was just wonderful.

We want to thank Mike, Laurie, Dewey and Joanna for first inviting us to the show and second for their unconditional help and support in organisational matters. We felt so welcome from the first minute on and the time spent at the show was just too cool!

Mr. Mike Brandt, the man behind the Nova Open 2015

The Mother of Geeks, Laurie ... 
words can not describe how great she is! Khaleesi!

The Nova Open is a huge event and we were lucky to meet old friends again and make new ones.
The whole staff of the Nova Open was just too kind to us and we want to thank everyone for their hospitality. It was great meeting and spending a splendid time with Mitchell, Mike, Alex, Caleb, Jessica, Jeremy and many more! 

Mr. Justin and the two monkeys ...

Weird selfie-time with Caleb!

Big thanks to CJ for taking so many great photos of the event itself. CJ and her team of photographers documented the whole show in a splendid way. We allowed ourselves to show you some of her photos here. If you want to see more check this link!

We want to thank everyone who took part in our seminars and enjoyed our explanations. 
It was truely wonderful sharing our experience with you guys!

Raffa and Roman teamed up with the one and only Mr. Justin judging the Capital Palette - Nova's miniature painting competition.

One of the many great gaming tables

Caleb in one of his seminars ...

Raffa in one of his seminars ...

Mike and his mum, the mother of geeks, Laurie. What a great team!

Judge at work! Thanks for the great help to Bob too!

 Judges at work!

We also want to give a shout out to our british friends from GBHL Podcast with whom we meet up for a spontaneous beer in the hotel lobby bar. These guys are totally crazy when it comes to Lord of the Rings tabletop and sharing their hobby experience. It was our pleasure to meet up with you guys!
Check out their NOVA Journey's Vlogs - here is one with a spontaneous chat of Jamie and Roman:

We also want to thank everyone who took part in the raffle of our painted miniatures. Congratulations to the lucky winners! It was our pleasure to help the Nova Open Charitable Foundation raise money for charity!

Again back to CJ's great photos and her in action. Always behind the camera!

Mr. Justin in one of his seminars ...


Gaming Action!

Grex Airbrush-Speed-Painting-Tank-Comp! With cool Trenchworx tanks!

Crazy fellas!

Jeff wrote us an email:
"Wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you for making the journey to come to the NOVA Open this year.  The information you guys presented was thoughtful and extremely helpful to those of us that are a little earlier on our painting journey as you.  It was fantastic to get the chance to learn how your brains work as we try to figure out how ours do :)  I really appreciated the passion and fun that you guys bring to the work that you do and the instruction that you give. 

I also really enjoyed our conversations into the wee hours of the morning on Sunday.  To hear your perspectives on painting miniatures in such a candid environment was wonderful, although the effects of the drinks I had prior probably didn't help my commentary to be particularly illuminating." 

Roman and Raffa arrived in D.C. on Tuesday afternoon and had a great welcome by Mike Brandt. On Wednesday both went into D.C. to do some tourist stuff (review on this soon!) and Thursday the show started. It was just too cool to sit down with Mike Schaefer (thanks for the great chats during the whole days!) for some relaxed painting time. Roman and Raffa each bought a CMON's Dark Age brute and prepared, based and painted them up in about four hours as a gift to Mike Brandt for inviting them. That was fun. Thanks to CJ for taking photos of one of them!

Happy Painting time with Mike!

Roman's gift to Mike!

We'll be back!

Well, the NOVA Open 2015 was such a huge event that we find it hard to say the proper words for it, but what we can say is:
Thank you all!

What impressed the MV's guys the most was the "family athmosphere" going on everywhere! It was just beautiful to be a part of these kind and wonderful people, all sharing the same passion and the same hobby. Sure it was all about hobby, gaming, painting, geeking and so on but if you break it down most impressive was how much the NOVA OPEN Staff cared about the people. A great community and a great event! We tried to catch our impressions in a short video. We hope you'll enjoy it!


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