Massive Voodoo's 6th Birthday & Studio Renovation

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle Painters,

the last weeks kept us pretty busy and we totally forgot about
Massive Voodoo's Birthday.

September 17th 2015 was the date, when the MV blog turned six years old.
Six years of daily miniature painting inspiration, tutorials, reviews, event reports, painting classes and happy painting spirits. Six years and we forget about it. This year we do not find proper time to celebrate the jungle's birthday.

For last years 5th birthday we presented you the BANANALICIOUS CONTEST 2 as our birthday gift to our readers and to fullfil this gift we took almost a year. This year we have nothing for you. Just plain nothing, BUT we have some future changes ahead concerning the Massive Voodoo Team.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Now it is up to you!
You know nice words about the work we do always make us feel more happy and keep us motivated.
We ask you to write down your own Massive Voodoo experience via comment to this post.

Now what is your Massive Voodoo experience?
Your story connected to Massive Voodoo?
Since when do you read Massive Voodoo?
What did you learn from Massive Voodoo's way of teaching miniature painting?
What made you really happy in the last years when you look back at you, your painting table and the experiences you made there connected to MV?

Why do we need your motivation right now?
Well, we told you we were busy and we still are. After Roman and Raffa returned from their trip to the US the directly dived into their studio renovation.

We are about to strip our studio bare naked and clean, paint and improve EVERYTHING!
Right now we are in the middle of process and it is more or less a professional miniature painter's mess ...

Day 1

Packing all our stuff ...

This is not bare naked yet ...

Bene under the table ...

Day 2

The studio itself gets more and more empty ...

All that stuff needs to get out! Nauw!

The room seems bigger than we thought, when all our stuff is gone ...

The hallway gets filled up!

Oh my gawd!

Day 3


Sanding the floor with big sanding machine to make the room a beauty!

Day 4

 Painting the walls - pure white again!

Fear the painters hands!

Day 5

The Retro-Corner is taking shape ...

 New stuff arrived and we are slowly bringing back stuff into the room!
 More stuff!

We will keep you updated about the next days progress and our plans.
We also hope to have the updated studio back in quite a short time as everyone of us wants to paint and sculpt and work on projects.

Well, not right now!
First this has to be done!

More soon and well ... happy birthday Massive Voodoo Jungle!
Keep on happy painting everyone!
Your  MV-Team


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