Workshop Demo-nettes 2015

by Roman aka jar


I call these Demo-nettes.

You know I am doing classes since several years now and there is one class I did very often:
MV Jar's Beginners class, a weekend class that gives an introduction in my way of thinking while painting. About theory behind it and technical aspects. Students of different skill levels are enjoying this class, if you like you can find some reviews of them on MV.

Well, these demo-nettes are the models I paint for explanation via the class and I never manage to finish them. I just take them out of the class up to this big plinth to have them with me in the class as inspiration and examples for the students. Yesterday I had to make a new plinth, because the old one was too small. Now there is new space for some more! Really need to paint a yellow one soon, but I hate to paint yellow :D

Funny story about the third one from the left can be found here:
You see she is damaged. While I was packing for the trip to France for the latest painting class I was sitting on our studio couch and felt something under my feet. As I looked closed it was her. A painted demo-nette grinded off from colour by too many feet. Ridicilous and weird, but well, as she was broken in different parts I just repaired her ... kind of :)

Workshop Demo-nettes 2015
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I think it is really beautiful to see them in such a colour variety, but well some specific colour schemes are still missing.

Hope you like them too!
Keep on happy painting!


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