Kong's WIP thoughts - January #01

by Roman aka jar

Here's a little song I wrote
you might want to sing it note for note

Don't worry 
Be Happy 

In every life we have some trouble 
But when you worry you make it double 

Dont worry 
Be Happy ...

Well, the year 2015 takes its proper time to bring me back to happy painting. After my winter holiday ... well, let's not talk too much about the past. Let me just say I was not in the best condition. Somehow really in a very bad mood and so on. I was truely struggling. Is it over? Well, I do not know but I am working on it. I worry about the important things I can change and be happy about every day. So far so good.

As I was away from the brush for a while it ain't too easy to get back. Sure I can sit down and paint but the painting does not flow and I have to get into it again. I have learned in the past that it is truely helpful to check what is on my table. Let's see, shall we?

I was preparing some miniatures in the end of 2014 with some bases:

Meanwhile I see some of them primed, others at a gentle start of colour. First one is another Ilyad Games Miniature for my private collection of this brand - primed at the moment:

A cool model by Kaha Miniatures, just basic work done, but I do not find into the paintjob right now and before I struggle I put him aside for now:

A very cool and interesting sculpt by Origin-Art, sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos. He gave it to me as a gift in Monte San Savino last year and I am working on her to find connection. I know I am too shy right now - gotta go harder and further, but well at least I started.

Last year I took some time to dust off Dschingis Cow, a conversion of Figone's Minotaure and did some paintwork here and there. I'd like to finish him sooner or later, but right now I do not feel the force to do so:

I decided to start with a small comission. I recieved a miniature from a german miniature collector. He bought it - as far as I remember, from a spanish painter, but the model arrived totally broken and one arm was missing or got lost. After the painter did not respond, he asked me if I could restore her.
Well, that's a challenge but I am on it and already put her together. I also got the missing arm in white metal and now I will be up to bring it all together.

Am I sick and tired of painting? 
No I do not think so, but yeah sometimes these days. I just need to go down to the studio and sit down there more. Find good music to work with again. Paint. Make. Create. That gives me the most and I am missing it, so I have to follow my inner voice and paint :)

My workspace is really cleaned up these days as everytime I am in the studio I clean it more and more. Maybe it is time to make it dirty again, eh?

And now I am off for the studio ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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