BANANALICIOUS - Random Prize Pool Update!

by Massive Voodoo

2015 is here
and with it more Updates on the actual running online painting competition by Massive Voodoo:
The BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest - Episode 2.

First of all it is time to say thank you to Martin and Kenan who helped with the translation of the rules into dutch and turkish.

Next on the list is showing you some more prizes of the random Prize Pool:

Random Prize #13:
FiguriniIstanbul - a team of turkish painters - throws three "Anonymous busts", sculpted by Alfonso Giraldes into the pool! How cool!

Random Prize #14:

Battlefield-Berlin - the online shop for all your hobby joy throws in a collection of cool miniatures. More to come from the Battlefield in Berlin. Stay tuned!

Random Prize #15:
Privateer Press  brings you a big monster model from their Game "Hordes".

More to come!
Stay tuned and paint for bananalicious glory!!!


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