Mu 67 - Agigator Balls, PK-Pro

by Massive Voodoo


Good Morning Jungle Painters,

today there is another Material Unpacked for you.
This time we are at number 67 of our reviews.

This review is definatly connected to one of our articles named "Room for Freshness".

Roman got pretty annoyed by having to fight some bottles of colour to give a drop of good mixed colour. Maybe you know the problem: If you are too lazy to shake the bottle like a madman you might first just recive a big drop of the colour binder on your wetpalette. Not a good mixed colour.
We encountered these problems extremly with Scale75 colours (find a review here), but nonetheless there are also many other brands that you might be confronted with this issue. It often happens if you do not use a specific colour to often.

Well, what can you do?
Not much, honestly. Shake it like a madman, BUT make your shaking more relaxing with
stainless steel agitating balls. 

Roman was sick of not having them and took an afternoon to put one in every single bottle of his.

Prepare yourself with a tissue, a blade and a nipper. - tools every miniature painter should have in his collection of tools. It might get dirty as this is also a good moment to do the rare work of cleaning up the top of your paintbottles- just in case they are as messed up as Romans.

Roman started by using the nipper to remove the head of the bottle. If it is a little stuck go back to your black and carefully try to pry open it and then get back to the nipper again. Well, lesson learned, try to wear an old shirt or a Massive Voodoo Workskirt to not get your clothes messed up with flying colour.

When the pot is open feel free to dump one agigator ball inside. It is important that you use stainless steel ones. If you use others they might rust and mess up your colours.
You can get the stainless steel ones in huge numbers at PK-Pro for a fair price.


Recently during Roman's painting class in the Netherlands he found also Agigator Balls made out of glass by Scenery Workshop. They are not as heavy as the stainless steel ones, but work too.

Well, if your bottles look like this sometimes you might want to take some time to clean them up.

It took a little while but painting is more fun when you shake your colours with agigator balls and cleaned up paint bottles. Believe us!

Keep on happy painting!


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