Review: Private Coaching with Sascha

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle!
Time for another private coaching review.
I am really happy to be able to teach again, even in those days of COVID restrictions I have to limit this all to private one on one lessons. I missed it.

This time Sascha visited me very spontanously to improve his skills under my guidance.

Sascha and me

The last two days I had the pleasure to sit together with Sascha aka @lord.shader to teach him hands on in a two day private coaching. Sascha aapproached me and wanted to improve his blending quality, learn more about painting skintones and to improve his non metallic metal techniques.
Well, quite the many topics. I suggested to teach him something he will find all the answers to his questions with, framed by my lesson of 'atmosphere' painting. And Sascha did such a great job in putting this knowledge to a model. Thank you very much for two cool nice days and for being such a super student.

This was his result after the two days of coaching. It is a model he 3dprinted himself. The lizard was already painted on when he arrived and we just included him in the atmosphere of the rider.

"I am quite new to Painting but I made the decision to dive deeper into the world of miniature Painting.

So i started developing my skills and as most of the people today i did this with researching Online and watching youtube tutorials but i was never quite satisfied with them.
I hooked up with some Discord groups , where I asked around for good painters (yes iam very new so i dont know most of them), then suddenly a guy from Brazil dropped the "lappat bomb" after a quick research I found Him and realized he's not that far away from my Town where I live.

So the Mission was Clear! I would take a class with Roman - since those COVID-19 effidence "private coaching" was the only option.
And it was an absolute blast!

I asked Roman if he could help me to get better contrast on my Miniatures, and so he showed me his secret little tricks to enhance this and this changed my whole way of Painting from now on!
Every Step and explanation was on Point clear to understand even as a beginner. My Result after those 2 days was fantastic! Overall he's a very nice and chill guy. He is explaining you everything (again and again and again if needed ;-))

If you guys out there have the Opportunity to take a class with him don't hesitate just do it!
It was an experience which brought me to the next level!

(btw. this a real and honest review!!)

THANKS Roman ♥"

First Sascha was really shy in using this big palette and
then he just painted away... beautiful!

Atmosphere training unit!

Two tired painters ...

Thank you again, Sascha!
It has been my pleasure helping you to improve.
Again, after our lesson I am convinced of the big learning curve a hands on one and one training has.
It made me proud as a teacher to see you grow so much during these two days! And a special thanks goes to you for the understanding of life!

Keep on happy painting!


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