MV Killteams #03: Josua, Johannes and Roman

by Roman aka jar


 Hey Jungle,

inspired by the call of Volomir to raise a #Killteam2020 with 100 points some MV Team Members are following it. Josua, Johannes and Roman are fully into that Warhammer 40k vibe and do start their Kill Teams with 100 Points or more to create a playable force. Gaming boards are in the making. Here are their WIP logbooks, this is #01 ...

A really helpful and inspiring article to plan and execut a themend army is also the one of Johannes:

Johannes - Work in Progress #01
Craftworlds - Asuryani Force

This week I took a pause from the Guardians and painted a Striking Scorpion Exarch with Scorpion Claw. It was a fairly uncomplicated paintjob and quite fun.

So for the next week I am going back to the Guardians as I still need quite a few of them.


Josua - Work in Progress #01
Space Wolves Tactical Strike Force 

For this weeks update i finished my second member of the Killteam. The Cloak took my quite some time to finish due to the fur texture I painted on. This effect was achieved by painting small lines in the direction where fur naturally grows. Going from dark to light and still keeping in mind how light reflects on the hair. 
He also received the mandatory snow base which was built with common earth and some snow products by ak interactive 

Goal for next week: finish preparing and start painting the scout 
Stay tuned! 


Roman - Work in Progress #01
Dark Angel Tactical Strike Force
"Wing of Vengeance"

after painting three models of the squad at once in the last update I really wanted a change to paint up some change in colors and detail work again. I decided to paint up a commander in form of a Chaplain I slightly converted to Dark Angels ...

Even though he was not on my initial list for the squad I think he fits in well. No idea if I will ever play him, but reading the rules about commanders in campaigns it could be a careful yes. Nonetheless, he will guide my guys with his battle prayers.

I also painted my Reiver, that is also a little conversion ...

Hope you like them so far!
Keep on happy painting!


Read more about our #killteam2020s, next week!

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