Review: Private Coaching with Thorsten

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

while I am in the middle of a private coaching with Jonas from Sweden at the moment I can still make the jungle bounce and slowly find its beat again ...

In the MV studio ...

Thorsten was visiting me for the third time to enjoy time and a private coaching together. I am really grateful to all my students, especially to those who return for more. It is amazing to see their skills grow and to know each one for so long. You know who I mean :)

Thorsten is one of these students. We had our first private coaching in ... wait. Well, Thorsten visited me for the first time ever when I did teach my first private lesson with him, back in 2008.

We met up for a second private coaching in 2015 and had a splendid time again with tons to learn.

I saw Thorsten even on two Beginner Seminars of mine. So we both got quite the story. He is a really nice guy and it is always a joy to spent time with him

This time Thorsten asked me to tackle the subject on how to paint textures. So I dived in deep to the topic and prepared myself. During these preparations I also came to the conclusion that this should be a 1,5 day seminar and I started teaching it this year for the first time. A review will follow soon.

Studying different material properties, textures and brush- and paint-control ...

We applid the gathered knowledge to the bust in a time consuming black and white underpainting ...

super detailed ...


all with the knowledge of different material textures and how they behave on light influance

Then we gave it all color.

And worked some more on it ...

I can not tell you how proud I was as a teacher to see such a result,
happening in two days :)

Thank you Thorsten for such a nice time, once again.
Also for the good chats about life and all these big and little things ...

Staring in the sun!

Keep on happy painting my friend!
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