Review: Jar's Basing Class - two

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

like I said I was teaching a lot recently and still do.
After cleaning up the MV studio from a crazy wild Basing Workshop one the studio had to stand the second round of it very closely, timewise.

Basing is such a cool thing
that you can guide you to very intense miniature projects.
Of course I am not speaking of gaming bases, they can be an art of themselves when it comes to themed armies. Display bases. Bases that help to tell a story.

Bases that take the viewer on a journey.

I want to thank
 my students who took part in this class for trusting my teaching skills and travelling from far and close. Thanks to Peter who helped me organise this seminar.

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This seminar started with oupss!!!
Due life I missed to organise plinths, which is bad on a basing class where every student needs one.
I had to go to the tool store and buy some wood. Unfortanetely they only had 2,20 meter ready and I had to take the public transport with this wood bar. Felt like a celtic warrior waiting for the train and caught a lot of smiles.

Arrived in the studio with it.
Decided this will be the first tasks for my students :)

Still in my head ... wtf? :D


Jar's Basing Class
Instructor: Roman Lappat

In this MV class Roman takes you deeper into basing. No gaming bases. What makes a good display base? Learn more about composition rules you can put to use while basing, learn different focused material aspects on the subject: "After the postapocalypse, nature returns".

Classes in 2018:

  • 23 - 25 February (3 days): Basing class (English) (Download PDF)
  • 16 - 18 March: Basing class (German) (Download PDF)
  • 14th - 16th December (3 days): Basing Class (English) (Download PDF)

So first tasks first.
Cutting this big piece in shape like professionals. Do not forget your protection glasses to avoid hobby accidents!

Friday night was packed with theory.
A big load of it. My students got introduced into the theme and topic of the base. How to develop a story around a character and how to plan a bigger base with art history composition rules.

After the theory part was done we went straight into the night party time: Checking back on the learned composition rules and how to put them to a test in real scale:

First with a little chaos ...

Then with serious composition tasks by me
... my students did really well! Check it out!

So much fun, but at the same time a big learning curve.

On Saturday we took our plans, drawings and ideas and started building the bases. I introduced material in several stages and the bases grew and time flew by with good chats and fine music.

Saturday night results:

It was a true joy to see these bases grow.

On Sunday morning
we primed the bases after some final touches and were ready for the painting process. Nature strikes back! Massively!

We pushed through a sunny sunday and created and finalized our story-telling bases. Colors, nature, and detail love. So beautiful results. Happy students and a very proud teacher were able to see these born from a wooden plank:

Thanks to the supporters of this class who made the class wonderful due their help in sponsoring some of their products, beside Roman's crazy material collection:

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I want to thank the gentlemen attenting this seminar once again.
Again for being awesome students, for the wonderful time spent together, filled with good food, fine music and good talks about life and bases.

Life is your base,
you build it and can do it with composition :)

Man, Hansrainer!! Still makes me laugh out loud when I see you on the group shots :D

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Keep on happy painting!

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