SBS: Painting a lion on canvas

by Roman aka jar

Painting a lion on canvas 

Not much to tell on this beautiful wednesday,
but I did not want to keep the jungle too silent though :)

A while back I painted a lion on canvas.
Done with mainly acrylics.

Time to dry out before I can continue.

Some days later ...
Creative processes need their own time. May it be on figures, in a your sketch book, in your mind, in your brain and on your actual projects.

Oh my gawd. Eyes fail!

I really enjoyed the sunlight situation on this photo ...

Decided to use it as inspiration while continueing ...

Called it done.

I hope you enjoy this little walkthrough. Mainly pictures speaking, I know.
Funny thing is, that the process I paint on canvas is not far from my process I do when painting figures. From rough and wild to sharp and detailed.

Happy Painting to you!

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