Review: Private Coaching with Christoph

by Roman aka jar

Hello, hello ...

another review of a private coaching hits the jungle.
This time with Christoph who flew in from Denver, Colorado.

While I myself was in a really weird life situation because of relationship issues this coaching was hard to tackle at first I thought. As my heart is nailed to my tongue I spoke directly and honest to Christoph that I am in the middle of a split up after more than a decade of relationship and do not understand my life right now, but I am ready to teach him. I also told him that I might be confused once in while.

Me & Christoph

In the end it turned out to be the best idea ewa
 to speak about emotions, feelings and life. Never hide. Be yourself. It turned out that Christoph and I were long term friends somehow. We spoke so much about life and its challenges, fears, possibilities and directions that I can say thanks a lot for helping me to take a decision for myself. Off to go from an emotional rollercoaster that was close in making me mad. Thank you, Christoph.

Christoph arrived with the goal to learn
to paint atmospheric figures.
Indeed my plan was to teach him that and also put the knowledge on how to tackle a project with a good plan about your vision. If your plan is understood the painting flow will just grow and is balance. No dead tracks while painting, colorwise. Maybe motivational, but this is another story, a story about project motivation.

Painting the wolves leads to massive understanding of color theory, analyzing colors that you use, recreating them from primaries and being able to pull the same off on the project that you paint.


"This year I decided I really want to improve my skills in painting a miniature more realistically. After hearing from friends in Denver that Roman has an Atmospheric painting class and it’s very good I got excited since I travel every year back to Germany anyway.
Back in Germany I took the two day class with Roman and his private coaching was awesome. He taught me so much in those 2 days that a week later I’m still digesting all the knowledge. Mind blowing!!! Roman also made sure that I always feel at home during my days in his studio. He even cooked me some awesome lunch Top service ;)

We started with some cool paint mixing exercise. After that we painted a wolf in 2D by using just the primary colors. Considering I never painted with acrylics on a sheet of paper that went pretty well. After that we painting another Wolf this time in a certain atmosphere of my choosing what was a lot of fun too.
Then it was time to get going with my miniature. Drizzt Do’Urden himself. I gotta admit that I was kinda intimidated to paint a 54mm miniature. I never painted such a large scale mini before (maybe a space marine tank but this is not the same) but with Romans help it got easier by the hour. After two days of fun and good talk I surprised myself with finishing a piece of art that I didn’t know I was capable of doing. Thanks to Romans help and guidance during those two days I learnt a lot and had so much fun.
Now a few weeks later and after some reflection I promised myself.
“No longer will I be a slave to finished mixed paints and just follow standard recipes.” ;)

I never mixed paints much myself and was so surprised what is possible with just the paints red, blue and yellow plus black and white.
Another cool part of the class was that it made me better understand light and how it effects everything. It’s kind of crazy I see the world a little different now. I can see how the light influence materials and creates different atmospheres. I think the understanding of the important’s of light and how it influences everything brought me one step closer to develop a more realistic and believable painting style.
I really enjoyed that he taught me to be more open minded and experiment more with paints. He basically opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for me. I guess with art it’s sometimes like a journey that doesn’t have to be plant to a 100%.

Let go and see where the brush takes you

Thanks Roman"

- Christoph

Painting in process

Long nights of happy painting, fine music and deep talks.

... it all lead to this final result of Christoph. Done in two days with a lots of theory involved. What a wonderful job Christoph did. I am a very proud teacher.

Drizzt Do’Urden

Well, beside the amazing painting time during the one on one coaching I want to thank you again for the great talks and the friendship that hit home. Calm seas don't make good sailors, eh?

Thank you and keep on happy painting!

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