Review: Basing Class 2018 - one

by Roman aka jar

This is not the greatest review ever,
it is just a tribute.

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with the Workshop Roadmap for 2018.
Feel welcome to Augsburg. You will not regret that experience :)

It is really hard to explain what happened behind this door.

Tobias says:

"Basing class!

I went to Augsburg from Denmark to learn Romans approach to the fine art of basing, and I was not disappointed!

Being a group of only 4 students meant that Roman had decided to open the MV-HQ and have the whole workshop there.

So basically, a Canadian, an Australian, a Dane and a German from Austria walks into a studio and then – things go crazy. Monkey-style.

We did the theory, the 3D 1:1 basing exercise, the plots, the basing and the painting, but what was truly amazing was the atmosphere. It’s a hard experience to describe. At one moment, I felt like being in the studio with my favorite band, meeting all their celebrity friends, being treated as part of the gang. The next moment it felt like being at your best friend’s house, looking at all his cool toys, being allowed to play with all his stuff and in the meantime his mother is serving milk and cookies. And this went on for 3 days!

The laughs, the warmth, the feeling of being able to create something you I would have dared before is just some of the things I can take back home with me, alongside a postpocalyptic-nature-strikes-back-base that rocks! (and needs to be finished).

I think that Romans hospitality, both as a host and a teacher, and the joy of working and learning alongside fellow student is what makes these workshops worth the while, no matter how long you must travel.

I’m already trying to figure out which workshop to go to next. See you there.


Tobias and Richard during a composition game
to understand principles of composition rules while basing.

Tobias result of the three day seminar:

And guys with hammers in the MV studio hallway ...

A lot of rough work ...

Roman says:
Well it has been a crazy weekend. A crazy weekend full of basing fun, teaching, basing theory, friendship, karaoke songs, good food, amazing laughs and an all around great time. From the teachers perspective I was amazed of my students results and their passion they put in every single detail on their base. The basing part went well.

Friendship-wise it was just an awesome weekend. You can not imagine how much 5 men can sing on karaoke and have painting fun besides. Learning whilst singing songs like this one or this one.
Well, I am not even sure we sang the last one, we sang so much and laughed so hard that we even invented a new boyband called "tinydetails" ... painters who will sing for painter. Band is full setup with a manager. Wait for their songs! Every painter will enjoy them.

Such an unforgettable weekend that gave food to a hungry teacher brain. More about this soon, but there might be a new seminar concept being raised. Stay tuned!

Tiny details. Soon on tour!

Back to madness ...

Matthias and Kyle posing ...

Usually I am teaching this class to up to 16 students.
This time due my non-travel activity in 2018 and also a testrun to offer english languaged classes in my hometown the number of students was not so high. Nothing bad. Of course I am teaching the seminar and was even able to offer the MV studio table as the place to learn. Thanks to my other moneky friends!

You can bet, learning here on this table with friends or friends you make is just big fun. 

So we had.

... and all basing material we ever longed for.

After a Friday night of theory we started to build the bases for the class. The theory on Friday night did lead every student to draw their base and plan it with important composition rules on harmony and balance.

This is gonna happen if you repeat the basing class. You are allowed what you want to do and if you come up with a crazy idea we can make it happen :)

Dat guy!

Thanks to PK-Pro, Kellerkind-Miniatures, and Hasslefree Miniatures for supporting the class.

Weird ideas were just build. No fear, no regrets. Only superglue!

A korean Zoo in the post-apocalypse ...

Saturday's work! From left to right: Matthias, Richard, Tobias, Kyle.

Sunday was the day to finish the build up
and start on the painting process of our postapocalyptic base that will be reconquered by nature.

Final results of the 2,5 days seminar ...





Such lovely bases. As a teacher I can only say it was amazing to teach this class in the studio. Beside teaching tons of composition things, packed in a very charming way I was happy to help every student with his individual needs in terms of material. Matthias might need a coin from Korea - here it is! Kyle needs a toilet and a train wagon. Ok. Tobias needs a raven and Richard a Gorilla statue head on top of his cinema. Done. Loved it!

Thanks everybody for the trip you have done to be part of this!


Keep on happy painting!

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