by Josua Lai

Good Morning Jungle

Today I present you a bust I recently painted.
After coming home from a few mad paint days, Peter and I decided it was time to clean my desk.
I left her behind a while back as I didn’t feel confident enough to paint her. She was quickly mounted on a Plinth and I found my self suddenly painting a few color sketches wild and free with watercolors. 

After this step I felt the love and inspiration flooding my brain and I painted her within a few days.

Painting animal related stuff gives me a lot of joy and creative satisfaction at the moment. To find reference pictures often ends in a evening where you only stare at beautiful pictures of animals in awe of the sheer colorvariation and diversity of nature.

I finished the project by spending a lot of time gluing whiskers made out of my own body hear to her snout. Thanks again to Robert who planted this awesome crazy idea in my head
I called this project "Brave" because for me she has a really brave feeling in her eyes and it was a brave step for myself to pick this bust up again and finishing her up the way she looks now.

Without further ado I present you my last bust : "Brave"


I hope you are enjoying her as much as I do.

Hakuna matata!



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