Review: Private Coaching with Ole

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

another private coaching review dropping in. More to come soon!
This time Ole travelled all the way from Norway to take a face to face coaching with me.

Roman & Ole in strong atmosphere

I met Ole on my 2016's Beginners class in Arvika, Sweden
and was really happy when he contacted me in very early 2017 about this coaching. We settled on the main topic for this coaching and side topics:

- learning to understand and paint atmosphere
- painting the first bust ever
- learning to paint better metallics, leather, skintone and fabrics
... and much more that happened on the way!

Welcome to the Massive Voodoo studio, Ole!

Before we start diving into the coaching it is time for sunsets.
Sometimes you just need sunsets in life.

They can tell a lot about strong ambience and atmosphere if you learn how to read them ...

From now on I pass on to Ole himself who wrote up a review of this two day private coaching from his perspective. Thank you, Ole!

This is what Ole says:

"Early this spring, I was planning a trip to Germany. While making these plans, I thought, "What else can I do while there? Maybe get a painting class?" Having attended Roman's Beginner's Class in Arvika last year, I checked Massive Voodoo first, and saw that Roman was running classes near the time but I did not feel confident that my grasp of the German language would allow me to get as much out of it as I'd like. So I decided to go for the gold, and emailed Roman about a private tutoring.

A few weeks later we had settled on dates, and by a suggestion from a friend I had chosen my topic, which would be atmosphere. As I do a lot of painting for gaming, I asked Roman to show me his speed painting technique in addition to this.

Too hot weather can confuse people of the far north, but sunsets!

I arrived in Augsburg the day before the session on a very hot summer day, and showed up at the Massive Voodoo studio the next morning, rested and eager. Roman tells me to make myself at home - lots of people say things like this, most of them mean it, but Roman also makes it easy to actually feel at home. He is relaxed and easy-going and even though I've only met him once before, and that in a class room situation, it soon feels like hanging with an old friend.

I get settled in and we start to paint. Roman promises to make my mind explode, a promise he keeps. Working only by primaries, I do some mixing assignments, and like many others I am told to paint the wolf. Having no experience with 2D painting (I don't even freehand!), I completely dread this task, but Roman tells me to relax, and a little time later I am able to produce something I am actually happy with.

After some theory and another wolf, I begin on my bust. This was my very first time painting a bust, and I had chosen Romero the Cat, sculpted by Raffa. We paint, we talk, Roman gives me feedback, we paint more and talk and talk and talk. The hours fly by as we discuss life, love and painting. By the end of a very long day, it seems like Romero is likely to be finished by the end of the next day, something neither I nor Roman had expected or planned for. I go back to the hotel, dead tired, mind exploded as promised.

Romero, the Cat
Work in Progress, day #01 by Ole

Roman's explanation piece,
a germanic warrior by Heroes & Villians

Checking back with real worn out leather ... brought from Norway:

And some inventory of the MV studio

Explanations on painting eyes

Starting again on the following day, there's more talk and of course even more painting. Roman provides excellent feedback at all times, explains things in a easy manner and points out corrects mistakes I've struggled with for ages.

Ole focused on painting and painting and painting

Roman's chaotic wet palette

Two exhausted, but happy painters!

Finally Romero is done - both me and Roman are quite exhausted by this point, but we still throw ourselves at some quick zombies at the end of the session. While I would have loved to practice this more, I pick up the gist of the technique and there is simply no time and definitely no energy to do more. We call it a wrap, and head out for dinner and a beer before I have to leave. This time, we even manage to cover the topics of death and religion, meaning we have talked about pretty much everything worth talking about.

Ole's final result of Romero, the Cat.
A result that makes Roman an absolut proud teacher. Done in two days that were packed with theory and intense painting time.

I'd like to thank Roman once again for being a wonderful host, a great teacher and a good friend for these two days - I hope to come back for more.


Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
Right now I am slowly filling up dates with two day MV private coachings and I am already planning into 2018. I am also planning weekend seminars in Augsburg in german and english language for late autumn and winter 2017/2018 these days, but as we have vacation time here in Bavaria I can not put down the venue right now, this will all happen early September. Stay tuned!

Tutorial: Broken glass

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle,

Josua and Roman are throwing another tutorial at you to boost your skillset.

Again this article is free of any charge,
just for you to enjoy your future creations.

This time it is about
Broken glass

Some of you might already have encountered the moment in a project where you are in need of broken glass. We want to show you different versions on how to tackle this topic or be inspired for your own ideas. We hope you enjoy and if you do, consider this:

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Before we start, first some inspiration - observing and visualising is the key to everything when you want to learn much about painting:

Creating broken glass on figures
In this article Josua and Roman will show you different versions on how you can create broken glass on your projects. Simple ways and more complex ways. We hope you enjoy!

#01 blister plastic bits
Let's check back with a really old project by Roman.
A WW2 german soldier standing in front of a house ruin. The ruined wall has a window part and back in 2009, when this scene was created I just took a scissor and cut out some pieces of the casual blister plastic you know from GW models and glued it in place. Nothing superfancy, but it works easily. Make sure to place it close to the end of your paintjob, you do not want to have paint on your glass parts.

#02 Working with plastic that is already meant to be glass
While creating the project "Memories" I used a small collectable car that had windows made out of plastic already in place. As the car was meant to be a wreck I decided to to break most of the glass by using a screw driver and pure force. I left some pieces in place, but masked them with masking tape,
before priming and left it mainly through all the process of the paintjob.

When I was done with the painting work I removed the tape and decided to use pure white and a brush and repaint edges and some cracks on top of the plastic.

 #03 Creating broken glass the complex way
Complex ways often have the best results.

Josua is in the Ring now...
lets start with my take on the Broken glass.

This is what you need:

Intermediat Gauzy Agent
Secret Weapon Crushed Glass
- An Acrylglass-Plate (Blister-Plastic-Card will work to just make sure it has a smooth finish to the Surface)
- Masking Tape, Exacto Knive

Always wear a Respirator while working whit crushed glass as it can get easily inhaled.

Start by masking a little area on your smooth a clean  Acrylic-glass/Plastic-Card Piece. Put a bit of Crushed glass on in and try to spread it even. You can try by placing a stirring rod or an old brush on the masking tape horizontal and use it as you would roll out dough with a rolling pin.

As soon as you achieved a nice even surface of crushed glass get an old brush filled wit intermedia gauzy agent and try to drop it on the surface without destroying the even surface. I found out that it helps to work from the borders inwards. Let the medium enough time to fill the small space between the little glass pieces and try not to flood the whole thing whit gauzy agent.

Let this whole mix dry properly and you will be able to peel it carefully from the surface by pushing a thin exacto-blade between the smooth surface and your glass. 

Place it on the inside of your frame where you want the glass and fix it with more gauzy agent. After the attachment is dried completely, you can give it a bit more strength with another 2-3 coats of gauzy agent. 

This method gives you a rather realistic look of crushed glass but it is a really delicate method to create this kind of effect so you may use this for your showpieces rather than Tabletop Miniatures.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the article and will not fear conquering your ideas in your projects, even if it is about broken glass. Give it a try and enjoy! Stay creative!

Keep on happy painting!
Josua & Roman

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Nova Open 2017: Introducing Nova Open Hobby Haven

by Roman aka jar

Great News for all hobby people concerning the upcoming NOVA Open 2017:

Introducing NOVA Open Hobby Haven
Brought to You by The Army Painter!

For years, hobbyist and painters have gathered in various places throughout the NOVA Open to paint their models, socialize with fellow hobbyists, and exchange techniques. In 2017, the NOVA Open will introduce Hobby Haven, a large, general-use painting area with painting supplies, on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency. The area is intended to form a central, social hub, which provides opportunity for casual interaction and impromptu teaching of painting and artistic techniques.  

The NOVA Open is proud to announce that Hobby Haven is being brought to life through the sponsorship of THE ARMY PAINTER!  The Army Painter will be supplying Hobby Haven with all the art supplies we could have imagined - primers, paints, brushes, tools, basing materials and more.  

Visit The Army Painter website today and help us thank Bo for sponsoring this new project at NOVA Open! Email questions to

Scale Model Challenge 2017

by Roman aka jar

Scale Model Challenge.
A name that stands for quality and happy times. 

A delegation of MV monkeys will also jump around there!

Thanks to our supporters! & MV News

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

time to say a big thank you in several directions for the support of Massive Voodoo. Thanks to these locations for their jungle donation. You help us enjoy writing free articles, keeping the massive tutorial section organised and all that stuff that happens in behind the curtains. With your help we are able to ship out the prizes of the running MV competition!

Thank you!

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Also you will find  all recent beginner class reviews, miniatures unpacked, tutorials and step by steps and private coaching reviews linked up in their corner of the massive painting jungle. 
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Well, there is still the issue with some photos missing in a small number of articles in our tutorial section. Roman is on it, but beside all the regular work and things he has to handle this takes time. Some are already done, others will follow. We are asking for your patience.

Right now it is quite silent when it comes to new class announcements, but this will change in the middle of september. Roman will hold several different classes from his wide variety of seminar offers in german language and english language in his hometown Augsburg, Germany. Still some plans have to be made about the venue and this will be done in early September.  Classes are planned to start in November or December and 2018 of course too. Stay tuned!

Next week Roman is diving deep into his final week of preparations for the great show that will be the NOVA OPEN 2017 in Washington D.C. Beside helping to judge the Capital Palette he has a wide range of seminars ready to knock your painting knowledge and skills in place. See you there!

This means Roman is not really available all around for the next two weeks as preps and travelling will have a tight grip on his time schedule. Just to let you know if you are reaching out to him.

So far, thank you all and keep on happy painting!

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Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

got another hot drop from my painting table.
Another comission I recently finished, a figure by the very cool company Limbo Miniatures and sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. Compared to his usual sculpts he does for Black Sun Miniatures, this one is a rather small guy. 28 mm for the figure itself, sitting, definatly small and supercool.

I had the pleasure to paint him up and created a base for him that made my bells ring in alarm once again when it comes to too big basework, but in the end everything turned out to be exactly my vision for this project. Heavily influanced by this book.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
Limbo Miniatures, 28 mm

If you want to see more photos of this project,
check it out on Putty&Paint. I took quite the amount of photos on this project and the future will definatly see a step by step on it.
Stay tuned!

This figure is not sale.
Comission work.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
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