Review: Private Coaching with Annette

by Roman aka jar

Carsten, Annette, Roman

"Thank you for everything. It was a lot of fun"

- Annette

Hey Jungle,

time for another private coaching review.
This time a bit different and away from the regular miniature painting content.

Carsten, who I know as a student of mine from several workshops and soon his first private coaching asked me if I would also teach and help his mum, Annette in terms of canvas painting.
As a teacher for art and art history of course I said yes.

It was truely a special birthday gift from son to mother and Carsten joined us for some relaxed miniature painting while Annette and I went through tons of theory. Annette wanted to know how to start planning an idea. How to construct it and how to work first time with acrylic paints.

We started from learning to draw perspective, followed by how to basicly give volume their shapes and definition and went all in depth before going for the canvas.

Thank you both for such beautiful two days!
It is truely amazing what Annette achieved in these two days with tons of content.
It was a joy as a teacher to see her skills and knowledge grow!

Keep on happy painting, Annette!

Best Wishes,


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