Review: Private Coaching with Andreas

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle!

Time for another private coaching review.
Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to welcome Andreas for a two day private coaching in my studio.

"You actually managed to stop me from painting by numbers :-) I still like to watch YouTube from time to time, but no longer to "steal" color recipes. The painting room in the basement is almost finished and what can I say, it will do without a PC!

- Andreas

Andreas approached me to step up his miniature painting game. Increasing his knowledge and level up.
He told me he was kind of stuck and also confused as he watched a bit too much of youtube explanationn videos. He asked me to silverline his skillset and approach.

as a teacher since almost two decades I know this problem. Many of my students arrive at my place with this type of confusion. The issue I see is that a lot of people watch great content onn youtube by great content creators, but they just watch and maybe try it once or twice and then go to the next video.

There is a difference between "consuming knowledge" and "learning knowledge". With Youtube I see it happen often that painters just consume and this creates confusion.

I took Andreas by the hand and enjoyed to see his knowledge grow. I made him learn to paint without recipes, but with a vision of atmosphere.

Here on the left you can see Andreas result of these two days. On the right you can see a miniature he painted before the coaching. I am a very proud student.

Student & Teacher

Dear Roman,
at this point I would like to thank you again.
It was two wonderful days with you in the studio and I felt extremely comfortable with you. I'm not the kind of person who can point that out. But your manner and especially your patience felt very good. And by the way, I took a lot with me and learned in the two days what I can pack in my tool box. In any case, my two sons were enthusiastic about the Salomon....:-)))
The encounter with you belongs in that category that one will never forget and will always be remembered and as an absolute enrichment in life............ I'll be happy to come back!"

- Andreas

Understanding atmosphere gives you a great plan and approach

Thank you, Andreas!

Best Wishes,

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