Review: Private Coaching with Felix

by Roman aka jar

Howdy Jungle!

Time for another private coaching review.
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Recently, Felix was visiting me for a two day session with the goal to learn my painting approach, technical improvements and many tricks on the brush.

me & Felix

We had such relaxed, cool learning days together and Felix made a big step forward. Thank you for being such a cool, calm and kind person. I really enjoyed these two days and I was very happy to make you happy with the coaching. Thank you for your trust in my teaching skills, Felix.

This is Felix result after a two day coaching about atmospheric painting, including focus on true metallic metals, skintone, fabrics and how to combine it all together in harmony:

This is what Felix said about the coaching:

Privat Coaching 3.6.21

"For a long time I thought about taking one of Romans Workshops and when
I nally decided to take one, the whole Covid pandemic crossed my plans.
So no more meetings in groups. After quite some time of lockdowns I nally
took the opportunity and went for a privat coaching.

When I visited Roman in June, I was very excited to learn how to paint
everything I could imagine and I was wondering if I would learn how I should
place my brush strokes precisely to reach those goals.

But this was not entirely the case. He answered all my questions about
regarding technique and what so ever, but that was not the focus of this
coaching. And retrospective I am pretty happy about that. If someone would
have asked me one week later what i had learned i would probably have told
them about the ideas of volumes and materials and how to handle them. All
this is entirely true and i learned a lot about these topics, but now, several
weeks after the coaching, this would not do it justice. I feel like i learned a
new approach to painting that opened my mind and helped me break out of
my painting habits I thought were necessary and mandatory.

Of course I learned Romans approach of painting minis, colorchoices and how
to establish a desired atmosphere for my projects, but the most valuable
lessons I learned from the two days with Roman are studying nature and
real world objects for painting specic things, rather than following strict
recipes and tutorials, and having a more free approach to painting, colors,
and tools/ways to achieve what I want to do."

                                                                                         - Felix


of course we went through tons of theory first and took mostly the second day to paint on the miniature itself.

My plan was to teach Felix to understand and read colors better to answer his own questions easily ...

Thank you for coming, Felix!

Keep on happy painting!


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