FM: Emalda Braskow, Cursed City

by Roman aka jar

 Hi Jungle,

here comes another finished miniature I did not show here yet:
From the depths of the Cursed City Game Box comes Emalda Braskow, painted to look awesome on the gaming table:

I decided to give her some bronze armour to fit my color scheme with the green base and environment. Using a reddish brown/green complemantary contrast here. Painting this Games Workshop Model was quite fun. Sadly she is only available once in that box. Could imagine crazy conversions on her.

This model is part of my NOVA Charitable Foundation this year and you can buy raffle tickets to make her yours and help a good cause, all raffle tickets donations will go to "Doctors without Borders". Even last year was not the best year when it comes to be a self-employeed artist I can not withstand my will to help this great cause. Check out NOCF Summer raffles:

Ah well, she will be part of the fall raffles as I see now, BUT you can find three other miniatures painted by me for the summer raffles that go live today!

with a bunch of other fellow miniatures that saw my brush slap paint

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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