News: NOCF Raffles are live!

by Roman aka jar

Hi everyone,
I am proud to tell you that again this year I am adding something created out of my painting joy to the Nova Open Charitable Foundation to support worldwide tasks, like doctors without borders and more. Being part of this beside so many other great artist who paint for charity for several years now makes me really happy ...

This year my additions to the raffles are:

Sisters of Battle
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Eidolon, Aspects of the Sea
Games Workshop, 28mm

We've all been part of NOCF, helping to make this world better with over $305,000 in charitable contributions through the years. The con may be cancelled, but the needs of those we support are still very real.

Ticket sales are live right now!
These raffles rank among the best products and miniature artists NOCF has brought together in one place so far. We hope you'll agree and that you'll find the time and energy to help NOCF make the next six weeks the Best-Ever summer raffle season ever.

How can you help? Together, we can make up for the cancellation of NOVA Open 2020 and make this season the success it deserves:

  • First, think about buying tickets for a chance to win as many of these raffles as possible!
  • Next, please use every social media platform (your own or those you frequent) to rally Best-Ever Sales this season 🙏 If you take a moment to subscribe on the new NOCF website, you'll receive daily News updates which you could use as content. You cannot post or share too much. 


  • The Home page pays homage to the new website with a great design.
  • You may find yourself among the many photos loaded up under About Us.
  • You will find yourself or your peers on the impressive list of contributors under 2020 Artists.
  • The News tab has been rolling out daily music videos of EVERY raffle item being offered.
  • The 2020 Raffles are sorted into four categories - and every page has an awesome inventory.
  • There are 130 products and winners outlined under Raffle History.
  • Take time to honor NOCF sponsors with site visits and patronage.


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