Mu 108: Abyssoul - Faenir, Gunner of the Kraken & Freedom

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle!
Welcome to another Miniatures Unpacked!
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Today we are taking a closer look on what has landed on my table:

Two boxes from Abyssoul Miniatures:

Founded by Fausto Palumbo with love for miniatures, boardgame and roleplay. Really cool miniatures, from Italy with passion and love.

The first thing that comes into view is the beauty of the boxes and the logo of the company.
It screams for pure high Fantasy already!

Opening up box one you can find a small card that is personalized from Fausto himself and already makes a happy painter! This is really a nice touch and not every company does such things. Also there is some black paper that hides and protects a treasure ...

Unwrapping the paper there are two zipper bags. One with big parts, one with small.

Unzipping reveals nine parts for a 90mm, native warrior and the model is called 'Freedom' ...

The detail of the character is beautiful ... there seems to be a little sadness in him ...

Two weapon options of the right hand makes choices difficult. Like you can see on the photo there are some mould lines and remains of the cast, but this is all minor work to do.

The hands are particularly well done ...

Muscles, muscles ... a back that screams for freehands ...

Dog approved!

The parts fit really well ...

The second model of this review is
"Faenir", Gunner of the Kraken
and this says it all ...

Again the model comes in two zipper bags. One for big, one for smaller parts and man, there are plenty!

The main body is huge

The level of detail, again is just superb!

Two different head options!

The fitting of the parts is prepared with nuts!

Detail of the cannon!

The hands holding the gun and a cigar to light it up!

Such cool small details!

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Keep on happy painting!

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