SBS: Alice and The Mad Hatter

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

SBS: Alice and The Mad Hatter

Helloooo :-)

So happy today.
I'm introduce you my last sculpture. My personal interpretation of Alice.

The Challenge

Every time I start a sculpture I always feel a feeling of unpreparedness and doubt.
I never know where I will arrive with the sculpture.

 Sculpting, at least for me, is not a linear process but is a continuous challenge of creativity, technique and interpretation.

Especially when the subject is Alice in Wonderland, things get tough and difficult.

I started looking for all sorts of references around the internet, bought books, reread the novel (I swear I really did) and collected photos of girls, cats, rabbits and hats.

The more references you have, the more accurate will be your work.

It was a real challenge.

The idea

As a joke I played with some clay....

The first rough sketch in NSP Chavant

Firstly I sculpted a very very fast sketch with some plasticine (I love Chavant medium NSP).
Nothing difficult just followed my inspiration and playing with the clay. 

Just to formalizing the idea.

After that I started to sculpt Alice ,

Started to create The Cheshire Cat with some Super Sculpey Original Blend -> baked -> some FIMO+Beesputty (50-50) .
Sometimes I add some mix quick to make the clay more sticky.

Joking with my little weird cat

After that I started also to work on Alice.

I love to sculpt the head separately because is the most important part and this allows me to focus myself 

Nothing definitive. Just Trying and testing.

For the body, I did the same process as the cat. I use Fimo Liquid to attach some fresh clay on the clay previously baked.

Before the details I have to "feel" the direction is ok.

Testing with the Cat. I changed the Alice's face almost 20 times. I wanted to create a different face. Not something people expected. Alice is a little bit ugly, with a dental appliance

Created the body for the Mad Hatter and put all things together just to see all the composition.

Sculpted the hand of the Mad Hatter with the WhiteRabbit separately

White little and tiny.

I use often my handmade tool to create some little sausage of clay (it is a piece of plasticglass because it allows me to see the sausage meanwhile I'm creating it)

The clock for the little rabbit 

I wanted to create not a perfect symmetric character. Something little weird.

Working on the details on Alice. 

Put the Rabbit with the Mad Hatter

The hands are always difficult to sculpt, at least for me

To sculpt the hat I used a little piece of aluminum paper with some clay on it

A little hole on the Mad Hatter's head.

aaaahahahhahahaha Mad time here

 Limited Edition bust

Alice and the Mad Hatter

designed and sculpted 

Super Sculpey Original
FIMO Classic + Beesputty + QuickMix

I'f you'd interested to this bust please subscribe here


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