FIN: Absolute

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,
and another one that I finished in the last days of 2020.
From Orobors Miniatures comes a full version of the prior released bust "New Skin", that I have painted earlier:

I know it is quite the disgusting sculpt
for some as it is very gory on the first glance. I for my part always see a lot of beauty in it. Leaving the old past behind, pulling it off like old ragged up overused skin and bringing out the essence of what is underneath. What do you see? What is your Interpretation?

Oroboros Miniatures
54 mm

You can find more photos via:

This figure is up for sale.
Feel invited to check back with the following link to see my PDF cataloge on projects I got on sale. Thank you for your support in my art, work and passion:

Keep on happy painting!

Best Wishes,


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