Review: Basing Workshop, Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

"A class with Roman is always a special event. On this weekend I learned a lot about a proper planning and how it can realise a project in a different way I would normally do. 
But the best thing was the boost of motivation. Romans teaching and the overall atmosphere on the workshop showed me why I love to paint and that's a good thing to be reminded at some point or another." - Thomas

"Apocalypse, nature returns! What a setting, how could one not join? Five fellow miniature painters followed the call. The workshop took part in the Massive Voodoo studio and what to say... the ambience perfectly fitted the topic of this workshop. As always on Romans workshops, you see familiar faces from former workshops. Long time no see, but you always remember. Memorizing names this time was even easier than in the past if 50% are called Thomas ;).

The well-structured workshop started with some theory: Composition of a base, how to read a base, hot spots and a conceptional phase. It turned out that this was the most important part, because the basic design was created. It accelerated the latter assembly massively. In earlier workshops, it was not so much important to create some nice bases. A detail more or less was not so important because the focus was different. But this workshop is all about the details! Of course, creating a base is a journey where you add/change some smaller details but not the whole story. I think the most of us who attended will never start a base without a detailed draft.

The next day was all about assembling the base. Although you may not need a training for laying bricks you may feel like a brick layer. We learned how to create a realistic theme to watch out for the details that make the difference. At the end of the day we saw our drafts come to life. 

During the last day, painting the base was the main "work". It was the step where the apocalyptic theme evolved through atmosphere, bushes, toilet bowls, cats, air conditioners and grass. A lot of grass....

It was easy to follow Roman through all the steps and the past workshops helped a lot. If you don't understand everything at a certain time, fear not. Trust Roman, everything WILL make sense at the end. This was true in the past and Roman proved it again.

The workshop was also a great opportunity for me not to learn only from Roman but also from the others. To understand their view on the base. Thank you, guys, for that!

This was my third workshop with Roman. I du(ngeo)nno what will be next, but it will be definitively not my last. I was really happy to take part in the last apocalyptically themed basing workshop. A big shout out to Roman for this awesome workshop.

Happy painting"

Not-Thomas" Florian

welcome to this review of a Basing Workshop I held back in late 2019.
The last one with the topic "After the apocalypse, nature returns".

It is about time to switch the topic to a new one as there is so much more to tell about different usage of different materials and I held this workshop several times now and can only look back on happy students and great results:

Arvika, Sweden, english language

Augsburg, english language
Augsburg, german language
Augsburg, english language

Augsburg, german language

Augsburg, german language
Augsburg, german language

Instructor: Roman Lappat
Duration: Friday/Saturday/Sunday (2.5 days)

Basing is a very important part when it comes to miniature painting.
A proper display base is the stage to tell a good story and to present your models. Creating a beautiful display base means more than just glueing material together. It is about balance, harmony and compostion rules. You can learn all this in my Basing Class:

 Main topics:
- Learn composition rules
- Learn how to use the golden ratio
- Learn about reading lines, balance and weight
- Learn to sketch your ideas with a pencil
- Learn where to position your figure
- Learn how to use different sorts of material
- Learn to make nature grow on your base
- and more ...

Student level: Advanced

For this class you should be prepared with an advanced skill level. You should know about zenital light,basic color theory, contrast range and how to create a blending.

This time was not different.
A small group of students was gathering in the MV Studio and I love to teach this class there. As a teacher I got everything I need just in handreach and with this fact I can fullfill every students individual wishes in material and tools alike.

Tons of superglue :)

Friday night was big theory night about composition rules and how to plan and concept an idea including all that was learned before ...

Minor preperations started this night too ...

Night appeared on the sky with some stars ...

It was time to put the composition rules to a test in real size ...

Saturday morning appeared faster than expected ...

We started to work in the morning in three stages of work flow that make absolute sense when it comes to large base building...

Many thanks to the support in class material goes to

Saturday was a full working day with individual training and guidance from my side ... until the night appeared again ...

Creative Chaos in the studio ...

On Sunday we started priming the bases and started painting them ...

I want to thank you, gentlemen
for the great and creative time spent together.
It has been my absolute pleasure to see your bases grow and to hear all the "click moments" in your head. One Thomas is missing on the photo though. Overall we have been one teacher, five students ...

Your basing results speak for themselves ...

Keep on happy painting!

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