News: Help Australia's wildlife! NOCF, Australian Koala and Brushes for the Bush!

by Roman aka jar

Hi everyone,

due the horrible bush fires in Australia my heart is quite heavy and as far as I could I have already donated to support the fire brigades. Due the devastating size this also has a terryfing impact of the wildlife. I wanted to do more to help and I painted a figure, sculpted by Peder Bartholy for Robotrocket Miniatures: The Koala.

Link to raffle via NOCF:

I painted it with my emotions to the situation in Australia. It hurts to look at it,
but it feels honest, brutal and is real.

This piece
- called "Australian Koalas" -
will be raffled with the great help of the 
NOCF, Nova Open Charitable Foundation let me explain ...

I really wanted to raise as much help as I could with this piece and first thought of putting it up to ebay, but remembering the great work the NOCF does and how organised they are with their worldwide raffles I reached out to them for their help.

The Team helped me to find the perfect place I want this money go to as they helped me with the research. The donation of this raffle with directly go to

An Australian Wildlife Rescue organisation that is serving Australia's wildlife for over 30 years now. There is tons of informations on their homepage and they are doing amazing work right now.

The "Australian Koalas" raffle will be live for just one month, from Jan 15 - Feb 15, 2020. We hope each of you will share this raffle and encourage your friends and families to participate.

The drawing will take place on Feb 16 and the piece will ship no later than Feb 17 to the winner - anywhere in the world. As an added value, I will put the winner's name to the plinth and sign this one-of-a-kind collector's treasure. Ninety-Five Percent (95%) of every dollar will go directly to WIRES. The other five percent will handle shipping and paypal fees, just to have this transparent for everyone.

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Please also see the great initiative 'Brushes for the Bush', 
miniature painters, companies and furthermore are donating great material, painted figures and many more things to this good cause.

About Brushes for The Bush
An informal collective of hobby miniature painters and artists, focused around the OzPainters facebook group, coming together to raise much needed funds for those affected by Australia's current bushfire tragedy. Since we kicked off this initative we've had donations from the UK, Croatia, Poland and Spain, as well as all across Australia.

Thank you all!


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